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Please Note! All of these locations that were once instantly accessible via dimensional routes, but as long as the portals are not working, characters will have to walk. The Plains of Grief, Blazing Core, and Vyers' Castle are all within a day's journey from the Overlord's Castle. Other locations are not so convenient.

The Netherworld

The Overlord's Castle

The Overlord's Castle lies at the heart of the Netherworld. Although the castle is fully furnished and functional, it serves more as a symbol to the residents of the Netherworld than as a residence. Overlord Laharl and his vassals reside here. Prinnies work to more or less keep the place in order, though unused rooms are likely to go neglected and fill with cobwebs. Because Laharl's vassals are too lazy for guard duty, most entrances to the castle are barred.

Plains of Grief

Located not far from the Overlord's Castle, these plains are surprisingly beautiful, and make a great picnic spot. Despite the occasional pile of demon bones or unmarked grave, this is one of the safest places in the Netherworld. (Not that any part of the Netherworld is really "safe"...) A few small villages are located here for prinnies who work in the castle and windmills dot the plains.

Blazing Core

Molten lava flows everywhere, making this a harsh environment for any creature. Terrain like this can't be found in any of the other worlds; it really represents the uniqueness of the Netherworld.

Blazing Core is considered a popular tourist location, but even locals find it uncomfortably hot.

Salamander's Breath

Another stunning example of Netherworld terrain. Although not as well-known or popular as some of its other locations, it's still just as hot.

Blair Forest

Although not concentrated enough for any notable villages, Blair Forest is actually a fairly well-populated area. The deepest part of this forest is known as the Heart of Evil.

Sea of Gehenna

Despite the heat, the Sea of Gehenna is a popular location in the Netherworld. It is frequently used as the venue for festivals and concerts. Even when nothing is going on, it's common to find demons just hanging out here.

Forest of the Dead

If you get lost here, you are not likely to find your way out. The trees block out all sunlight. It is rumoured that the Village of Beasts, a martial arts training camp, lies somewhere within these heavily-wooded forests.

Frozen River

These areas are so beautiful that you wouldn't guess that they are among the Netherworld's harshest. While these places are ridiculously cold, they are also good training grounds to test your mental fortitude. Surprisingly it seems some demons do live here.


Jotunheim is the coldest place in the Netherworld, said to be so cold that even your blood freezes. The best archers in the Netherworld live here. The Amazon town Badre exists somewhere around here, too.

Lunar Snowfield

The Lunar Snowfield is so named for being the place where prinnies ascend to the Red Moon once they have worked off their sins. While this is not an everyday occurrence, there is nonetheless always something haunting about the area.

The Stellar Graveyard

A place that was created when materials from other worlds slowly drifted together over time. Even though it's part of the Netherworld, it looks like it comes from a different dimension entirely. To this day, strange things still drift here from far off places.

Sometimes you can find large objects such as spaceships in the Stellar Graveyard. It seems as if all of the other worlds converge here.

Agul Eviland

Notorious as one of the most dangerous places in the Netherworld, even many demons avoid coming here. Don't expect to visit without running into a tough fight.

Cave of Ordeals

For all your level-grinding needs. Some of the oldest and toughest demons make these caves their home.

Vyers' Mid-Boss' Castle

Who the hell is Vyers?

Dinero Palace

Hoggmeiser's gaudy palace. Even after being looted by a certain Overlord, Hoggmeiser is still one of the richest demons in the Netherworld. He lives here with his young son.

Floating Lands, Angelic Ruins & The Celestial Gate

A great gate divides Celestia from the Netherworld and this is it. Only angels, however, can open it. To access the gate there are large floating chunks of land that make their way up to it. Far down below, built over the water, there are also ruins that appear to be angelic in nature.

The Item World

The Item World is the world within each item and is similar to our own. The residents there live like we do and work to bring out the potential of each item.

The laws of physics are different in the Item World than they are in ours. It takes a great deal of power to enter an item's world, and this causes the terrain to change erratically. Since mana exists in the Item World, the Geo Effect is also present.

Each item's world has residents. Most of those who inhabit the Item World are known as "Evil Residents." They fight hard to get rid of outsiders. The friendlier inhabitants are known as "Innocents." These are the people who give special powers to the items.

Celestia (Non-Accessible)

A peaceful world filled with light where the flowers are always in bloom. It's a place that calms one's heart. In Celestia, jealousy, grudges and conflict don't exist as they do in the Netherworld.

The Human World (Non-Accessible)

A world filled with things called "humans." These creatures are weaker than demons and less noble than angels. They survive by their wits and by forming tribes. Now that they've developed powerful technology, humans can take on both humans and angels.