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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


► What kind of game is this?

Hysteric Kingdom is a jamjar type game, that does have an overarching plot and a little slice-of-life (Netherworld style!) on the side. The overarching plot does involve the reasons your characters were brought to the Netherworld in the first place. Exactly how that is revealed and how it progresses will depend somewhat on player interaction. We plan to have periodic events, some of which will help forward this plot, and some of which will not. Disgaea has the advantage of being able to go from ridiculous shenanigans to serious drama, so we hope to have a balance of different types of events. We want to provide a goal characters can work towards, while including plenty of opportunities for light-hearted fun.

► Do I need to have played Disgaea in order to app?

Absolutely not. The game is open to all, even if you have no knowledge of the series.

► How does posting work?

There are two main communities for posts. [community profile] hysterickingdom is for action and network posts, typically done in first person and with bracket text for any actions. [community profile] hysterickingdomlogs is for logs, which will typically be more prose-heavy and usually done in third person..

Action posts are typically used for face to face interactions, while network posts can be done via text, voice, or video.

Network posts are typically done via internet access using the Hellberry, however, once your character has an account, they can also access the network using any old computer they may find… assuming they can convince someone to grant them access. Voice and video may also not be available depending on the computer used.

While action and network posts are the main way of communicating, there is also a large notice board near the Rosenqueen counter that anyone can use to make global messages and announcements. NPCs are more likely to use it to communicate with those within the Castle, but anyone can use it. Simply write out your message and pin it on. Do be aware that since the notice board is in full view, everything posted will be public: it's impossible to make anything private. Since this is an actual notice board and not part of the network, answering the message needs to be done via other means, unless they feel like pinning the answer to the notice board as well.

► What is a Hellberry and how does the network work?

All new arrivals to the Netherworld will receive a free smartphone from the local Rosenqueen store. The Hellberry is a revolutionary new product created by Rosenqueen to help out the victims of this strange displacement.

The Hellberry is a pretty standard looking, touchscreen smartphone, that comes with a random prinny shaped case. (Other cases of Prinny designs are available for purchase.) It has a front and rear facing camera, a headset/headphone jack, and comes with a charger. It's battery life is about what you'd expect from a smartphone and will vary with usage. The phone will use the local wifi or data, when afield.

The phone runs the Pringer (Version A.) aka Pringer-A operating system by Doodle, who's apparently some internet company. To use the phone at all, you're forced into having a Doodle account, which forces you into also signing up for Doodle+, a social networking site.

Doodle+ will allow you to communicate with everyone (because you seem to be automatically friended to everyone and can't de-friend them) via text, voice and even video with the front facing camera on the phone.

There's also ads pop up now and then. Yes, ads. It IS a free phone, after all. (The purchased phones do not have this feature.)

However, the phones seem to have some small problems. They are known to both randomly shut down and turn on, to have sudden loss of connections and drop calls, and very rarely, build up too much static electricity and give out some mild shocks.

All new arrivals are granted ONE Hellberry. If your character manages to lose or break it, you will be forced to buy a new one or plead with Rosenqueen. Trying to steal a new phone will not work: the phone will not power on… and you will have the entire Rosenqueen Prinny squad on you. You do NOT want to be on Rosenqueen's blacklist.

An important note: the random malfunctions, the static shocks, and the adds are all mostly flavour text. You do not have to play out any of the phone's problem if you don't want to.

► How does character death work?

Character death is permanent in this game. If you kill off your character, you are effectively dropping them. There is no way to revive them; no turning into Prinnies, no ghosts, nothing. Death is final. Once someone has been dropped due to death, the player will not be able to re-app them. They can be re-apped by other players; however, they cannot retain any memories of their previous time in the game. They will be brand new, fresh from the canon, blank states. So please be extra sure about deciding to kill someone off.

That being said, because of the advanced magic in the Netherworld, characters can potentially come very close to death and still be healed. Normally fatal wounds are nothing to Netherworld Healers and they will come back as good as new within a few minutes. The Hospital even provides an express Prinny ambulance squad to your location to be sure that you will not succumb to your wounds before healing can be used. This is the closest to a death-revival RP mechanic that we can provide. However, these "revivals" aren't free of consequences.

First, such extreme healing techniques aren't perfect and painless. Depending on the type of damage, the healing may be even more painful than what caused it. On top of that, while the Healer may repair any damages to the body, she will not be able to restore any lost mana or energy. Characters will be left very weak and drained for a period of time determined by the extent of the original damage.

Secondly... the Healers aren't running a charity here! They are expecting payment, and they don't care if you still feel like you can't even get up! The price tag for this type of healing is extremely hefty and will likely be impossible to pay off, so instead, they will offer you other ways to pay off your bill. The type of payment will once again be decided depending on the extent of the damages, but they can range from anything to working their bill off via a special event, or being forced to play guinea pig for the Healers' many various new potions.

Of course... you could always try to find a powerful healer that would be more than happy to heal you for free... but good luck finding one amongst demons.

All deaths and near-deaths must be approved by the mods before being played out.

► Can I canon update my character?

Canon updates will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We don't want people constantly updating their characters, but infrequent requests are likely to be approved.


► What kind of characters can we app?

Any and all are welcome from most any series, as long as there is enough canon and personality present to create a well rounded application. There are some exceptions, such as there are quite a few authors out there who strictly ban any written fiction based from their stories. Characters from webcomics are allowed, as long as the comic has a clear enough storyline to be played from.

► What is the character limit?

To start off, the character limit is 5 characters. Down the line, there's no reason this can't go up, once we feel the game has a large enough playerbase.

► Can I apply for more than one character from the same series?

Yes, but only if the characters have relatively little canon interaction with one another. If they are best friends or arch nemeses, please just stick with one or the other. There is also a limit of 2 characters from the same canon, although we will consider additional characters if you can justify it (e.g., if they are all total strangers to each other.)

► What about AUs and OCs?

Player-created AUs are not permitted here.

Characters that come from an official canon that has AU versions of the characters are permitted. Examples of this would be the Final Fantasy characters from Kingdom Hearts or the many Clamp characters from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

As for OCs...

OCs with worlds created completely by the player are being accepted.

We also are accepting some canon OCs, including those based on Disgaea generic units, however there strict rules regarding them. These can be found here. Please direct all questions regarding canon OCs to that page.

Keep in mind that OC apps will come under greater scrutiny, so we encourage you to write your applications carefully.

► What about importing characters from other games?

Absolutely! There is an application specifically for this on the application page.

► What if I want to play a Disgaea character from a different canon point than the setting?

That's not a problem! (Because... reasons. Also Disgaea.) App away!

► Can my character bring their pet/companion animal along?

As long as their pet isn't an app-able character, feel free. But you may want to keep a close eye on them, lest they be picked on by demons.

► What about powers? Do I have to limit my character's abilities?

With one exception, no. If you're not familiar with Disgaea, it is an incredibly overpowered canon. Demons are not hugely impressed by the ability to call down meteors or level mountains. We do at least ask that your character refrain from ending the world.

The one type of ability that will not work is any form of teleportation. Characters who can normally open portals or warp between locations will find themselves unable to do so.

► Are oversized characters okay? (e.g., Transformers)

Yep! Just keep in mind they may not be able to fit everywhere within the Netherworld. The castle is at least large enough to accommodate dragons, but some giant robots will still find it a tight squeeze.

► Can I link a thread from somewhere else as my RP sample?

Yes! We're happy to accept threads and posts from other games, museboxes and memes. However, while we'll accept [community profile] dear_mun/[community profile] dear_player as additional examples, we'd like them not to be your only samples, as the very nature of these comms is for very meta roleplay, which doesn't lend itself terribly well to displaying how you'd play your character in an actual game setting.


► So this takes place in the Netherworld?

Yup! For those familiar with Disgaea, this is set in Laharl's Netherworld from the first game, after he's become the Overlord. The game begins a little over a month after the events in Celestia.

For those who don't know it, the Netherworld is a world full of demons. It plays a similar role to Hell in that sinners also come here in the form of prinnies to work off their debt. Demons are a relatively lawless bunch who believe that "might makes right" and aren't big on talking things out. If you lose in a fight to a stronger demon, you may find yourself forced to work for them. Luckily, demons are also supremely lazy, so you won't find most of them going out of their way to pick fights.

► How did my character get here and what happens to them when they arrive?

Most characters would have had a glowing glyph appear beneath their feet or have been in middle of some kind of portal type travel, only to then find themselves stumbling out of a swirling vortex--the dimensional gate in Laharl's castle. There they'll likely first meet the dimensional gatekeeper. She's apologetic, but she can't send you home.

The Overlord sees these newcomers, at the moment, as intruders, but you'll luckily not be without options! Most likely you can expect your character to be offered to either work for Laharl as a vassal, to rent a room to stay or to get out, unless you can convince him otherwise.

► The Dimensional Gate is broken?

Yes. There isn't a working dimensional gate to be found. People can arrive from other places, but you can't leave through it at the moment to go home, or anywhere else for matter. Which does mean, if you want to go anywhere in Laharl's Netherworld, you have to do the unthinkable (for most NIS characters) and actually walk--a fact that's not going down very well in the Netherworld.

► Does the Dark Assembly exist?

Of course! It is there to use/bribe/persuade by force! Currently, however, the Dark Assembly is closed. Information on how it will be played and when it is open will be forthcoming.

► My character doesn't speak English. How will they communicate with everyone?

Thanks to the Dark Assembly, your character will magically know English upon arrival! They will, of course, also still know any languages they speak canonly, but everyone will at least have English in common.

► How can my character earn money?

What? You want to earn an honest living in the Netherworld? People here believe in taking what they want, by force or by cunning, and no rule of law is going to stop you (just angry demons). If you'd rather not become a criminal, it is always possible to become one of Laharl's vassals, although any of the castle prinnies can tell you he's very stingy with salaries. Additionally, there are demons out there who will pay fairly for a job well done, and demons really do like their stuff if you have a talent for good craftsmanship. You can take a look at the available jobs within the castle at the Player Jobs and Businesses page. Be creative! Be an entrepreneur! Or go steal something.

► What is the currency in the Netherworld?

Demons use Hell (abbreviated HL) for currency. For reference, 1 HL is equal to 1 cent, so 100 HL is the equivalent of $1. There are coins for amounts under 100 HL, and paper bills for denominations of 100 HL and greater.

► Where can my character obtain items and what types of items can they find?

Rosen Queen Company has a shop located within the Overlord's Castle itself, so that is going to be your character's most convenient stop for weapons, armor, specialty food, and useless trinkets. If your character can gain access to a TV, phone, and/or the internet, they can also order a wider variety of merchandise from Amazombie and the Netherworld's various TV shopping networks. Obtaining a phone, TV, or computer of your own is going to be expensive, but there are demons in the castle you may be able to persuade to let you use theirs.

In the Netherworld, a great emphasis is put on material wealth and enjoying yourself. For a price, you will be able to purchase video games and fine china, but practical items like winter coats might not be as easy to come by. The Netherworld is also not quite as technologically-advanced as our Earth. While they have a lot of entertainment items, you will find demons still using torches instead of light bulbs, carts instead of motor vehicles, and prinnies instead of low-yield explosives.

► My character is canonly a fourth wall breaker. Are they allowed to break the fourth wall?

While, of course, this is Disgaea and the fourth wall pretty well exists to be broken, we have a couple polices regarding it:

  • We ask that characters not be aware they're in a DW RP game, being played by muns. It's just a bit too meta for an actual game.

  • We'd strongly like to suggest that players try not to fourth wall simply for the sake of it! While it is certainly part of Disgaea's canon, there is still a limit to its use. Breaking it constantly takes the fun and humour out of it--it loses its impact! But, of course, if it's unexpected and funny, go for it! :Db

  • Please don't fourth wall another canon without permission! A character should not walk up to another and tell them they know them from a video game.

  • Keep in mind, in Disgaea most of the TV shows (Prism Rangers!), the Playstation (Slaystation) and even the Internet (Amazombie, anyone?) are parodied rather than outright fourth walled.

Have a question that hasn't already been addressed? Please comment below and the mods will get back to you as soon as they can!
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So my character's an alchemist and is thus fairly dependent on finding ingredients for her work.

Would it be reasonable to assume that with some exploring she can find plants and rocks and various body parts of monsters comparable to those in her own canon in the netherworld? Potentially with an adjustment period of having to re-learn which plants make nice medicine and which are poisonous to the hapless test subjects.