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Player Jobs and Businesses

Player Jobs and Businesses


There are two paths to becoming a vassal: by choice, or by force. Characters may choose to become vassals at any time, but if your character loses a fight to Laharl, he will attempt to force them into servitude.

In exchange for working for Laharl, vassals receive room, board, and a meagre salary of 30,000 HL per month. Being a vassal is not all about hard labor. In fact, many vassals have perfected the art of avoiding hard labor, and only working when threatened. However, if your character becomes a vassal, Laharl will expect you to accomplish at least some of the work that comes with your newfound station. Be careful about pissing him off too much, as he might demote you to menial labor.

Below is a list of all available positions and the current player characters who hold them.

Note that there are special positions available, but these can only be obtained through IC interaction.

Standard Positions

► Castle Security

These warriors may be called upon both to defend the castle or to attack rival demons. Being part of the offense provides excellent opportunities for looting.

► Netherworld Hospital

A place for healers to prove their worth. This has the potential to be one of the most lucrative positions within the castle, as you may choose to charge patients by the severity of their injuries. If you have morals, you can decide to work for salary only.

► Culinary Staff

There is an entire castle's worth of demons to feed here. You may find yourself working in the dining hall or serving food to the Overlord himself.

► Repair Crew

Fighting within the castle can cause a significant amount of collateral damage, as can Laharl's temper. Your job is to patch things back up again.

► Groundskeeping

Caring for plants both poisonous and carnivorous makes this a pretty dangerous job. Try not to get eaten.

► Laundry

From bedsheets to Laharl's shorts, you get to wash it all. Unfortunately there are no washing machines.

► Janitorial Staff

Your job description includes toilet-scrubbing. It's probable Laharl really doesn't like you because menial tasks like this are usually reserved for prinnies.

Special Assignment

Alternative Work

Players are welcome to open their own businesses within the castle, without having to work for Laharl (although they will probably be taxed). You may assume that your characters make at least 60,000 HL per month to cover rent.

Below is a list of independent businesses within the castle. Please obtain permission from the owners of any player-made business before adding your character as an employee.

► Rosen Queen Branch

The Rosen Queen Company operates a store within the castle, selling weapons, armor, and snacks. This is not player-owned, but characters may be hired as store clerks.

► Jasmine Dragon

A classy tea shop that provides a peaceful location to unwind and socialize. Various teas are the primary offering, but small snacks are also available.

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