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Applications are OPEN!

Applying for an OC or a Canon OC? They have their own application post here!

Before You Apply

  • Please familiarize yourself with the Rules and FAQ.

  • Check the Reserves and the Taken Characters list.

  • Need a thread for your app? Want some practice first? Check out our meme comm for the latest Test Drive Meme!

  • Please use the appropriate application form below, and note which you are applying for in the subject line, along with the character's name and canon.

  • Subject titles for apps should go as follows:

    Character - Canon - Transplant (if applicable) - Reserved/Not Reserved - 1/(amount of comments)

Canon Characters

Name: Whatever you want us to call you
Contact: Personal journal, Plurk, instant messenger, whatever is the best way to contact you.
Existing Characters: Any characters you have currently in the game.

Species/Job/Class/Title: List only those that apply.
Canon Point: The time from which you are taking your character.
History: Linking to wikis is encouraged. There is no need for you to write out your character's history unless it brings you great joy.
Personality: Sum up your character's personality. This should be at least three well-rounded paragraphs. How does your character think? What drives them? How do they react to certain situations or people? Do they act contrary to their feelings? What are they afraid of? Has something in their past shaped them dramatically?
Abilities: What are your characters skills? Not just physically, but also non-physically. What are they good at? How powerful (or not) are they? Weaknesses can also be mentioned here!
Sample: This can be bracket text or prose, and linking to threads in other games, museboxes or memes is absolutely okay. The sample should illustrate your handle on your character's voice.
Anything Else? Any additional information you feel we should know about your character.

Game Transplants

For game transplants please still use the above form, but add the following additional information to your application:

Previous Game: The game community from which you are importing your character.
Game History & Personality: Summarize the impact the previous game had on your character. What were the significant events or relationships that will color their experiences going forward? Did they go through anything that altered an aspect of their personality or changed their point of view on something?

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Laharl - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - Reserved

[personal profile] yinza 2014-03-06 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Yinza
Contact: [ profile] yinza
Existing Characters: None!

Name: Laharl
Species/Job/Class/Title: Half-demon, half-human Overlord
Age: 1313
Series: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Canon Point: Roughly one month post-game (good ending). Same time as the setting, basically.
History: Laharl's history on the Disgaea wiki.

Personality: On the surface, Laharl is arrogant, rude, and egotistical. Actually, he has a long list of personality traits that most people would find fault with. He's quick-tempered, brash, selfish, demanding, stubborn, impatient, tactless, insensitive, and at times just plain mean. As a demon--and not just any demon, but the Overlord of the Netherworld--he considers this to be the way he should act. After all, an Overlord should be powerful enough to get what he wants, either through intimidation or sheer force. He should be so feared and respected that he shouldn't have to make concessions to anyone. And so, Laharl tries to act accordingly.

He tends to put people off by acting like they're comparatively worthless, but he isn't out to make friends. He is intelligent, and certainly capable of maturity, but because he prefers to solve problems and conflicts through brute strength, he often comes off as childish. He's easily annoyed or frustrated when he doesn't get his way, and makes compromises very grudgingly. It can be difficult to get him to do things without blackmail. However, he will freely help others if he sees something in it for himself, though he'll be sure to point that out so you know he's still being selfish. If there isn't actually anything in it for him, he'll be sure to make something up.

To a certain degree, that's just how he is. But part of his behavior has been deliberately built up over centuries. In particular, he is not nearly as cruel and uncaring as he makes himself out to be. Most demons deny their own ability to feel things like love and compassion, and Laharl takes that to an extreme. His father was Overlord before him, but his mother was human, and she tried to raise him to be kind. Unfortunately, when he was still very young, Laharl contracted a fatal illness, the only cure for which was the life of someone who loved him. His mother gave her life to save him, and from that moment on he grew to hate the emotion which drove her to do it. Laharl has spent most of his 1313 years in fierce denial of "love." Deep down, he's afraid of it. He doesn't want to experience the same loss of someone he loves, and he especially doesn't want to be the cause of that loss. He's very possessive of those he considers his vassals, and anything that causes them to leave him can incur his fury. He displays little regard for others' feelings, in part because he is stubbornly trying not to care, and in part because after years of denying his own feelings, he has a hard time understanding anyone else's.

Before meeting Flonne, it's true he had made himself into a pretty cruel person. He has probably taken lives in the past. But she has been slowly healing the damage of his mother's death and drawing out the kinder side of him. Laharl is the sort of person whose actions speak louder than words, and although he continues to refute love aloud, he's grown softer in his actions: he takes his defeated enemies on as vassals instead of killing them, will no longer outright dismiss requests for help, and even managed to forgive Etna for betraying him. Most notably, he was willing to sacrifice his own life for Flonne's, and although he tries not to put too much thought into what that means, he is vaguely aware it represents a change in himself.

Abilities: Most of Laharl's strengths are, well, physical, since his personality tends to work to his detriment (at least if he wanted anything to go smoothly). One positive trait is his determination even in the face of unlikely odds; if it's important to him, Laharl does not give up on something, although you might just call it excessive stubbornness.

Of course, Laharl is also a serious powerhouse, so the odds are usually in his favor. During the first game, he overpowers all opponents, including dozens of demons contending for the throne, an entire armada of 2-million battleships, and the ruler of Celestia who theoretically should be his equal. His repertoire of abilities includes the following:
Magic - Most of his magic is unsurprisingly fire-based, ranging from flaming fists to summoning meteors. He does have some aptitude for learning other elements, including healing spells, but they don't come nearly as easily to him.
Weapons - He is most skilled with and prefers to use gigantic swords, although he's well-versed in the use of most weapons and his own two fists.
Scarfbending - His scarf is basically prehensile, and can form wings to allow him to fly. He can also store things inside of it.
High Defense - He can really take a beating. Stab him, pummel him, shoot him with a mini gun-- he'll probably just come out of it with a few bruises.
Resistance to Poison - The most deadly poisons will just put him to sleep for a while.
Sharp Senses - Laharl is frequently the first to notice anyone approaching, and he's tough to sneak up on. Unless he's sleeping, because he sleeps like a log.

♦ He's "allergic" to buxom women. Being in close proximity to one can physically weaken him to the point of nausea or even paralysis. He can still fight in this weakened state if he closes his eyes, but he's significantly less effective, and he'd rather just keep his distance.
♦ He's also weak against excessive optimism and phrases like "eternal love." With Flonne around, he's developing a resistance, but being shot in the head is probably less painful for him.
♦ He's incredibly bad at understanding how people are feeling, including himself. On the rare occasion that he actually cares to know, it has to be explained to him. Sometimes repeatedly.
♦ He is not very charismatic. The potential is there and he has his moments, but the vassals who are actually loyal to him follow him more in spite of what he says or does than because of it.

Sample: Laharl being an ass and something a little more introspective.
Anything Else? As the Overlord, he will think he is in charge.

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Emizel - Disgaea 4 - Reserved

[personal profile] trademark_skull 2014-03-07 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Grif
Contact: [personal profile] grifstar, Plurk, Clefiea(AIM), Clefiea(Skype),
Existing Characters: :3

Name: Death Emizel
Species/Job/Class/Title: Reaper/Death Demon The real next President of the Netherworld
Age: 1324 (It's official now!)
Series: Disgaea 4
Canon Point: Post Game, before epilogue battles
History: Wiki
Emizel had a very sheltered existence. Prior to being abandoned by Hugo he never had to travel far without a bodyguard or two to watch his back. All of which gave him a false sense of being someone important, but it was all really just proxy by being the president's son. In return Emizel barely needed to do anything on his own, never needed to know how to actually fight either, and later even confirms that he's never killed someone before (or more specifically, taken their soul). Confronting Valvatorez as Abaddon leader was maybe the first time he ever gotten to do anything. If anything he had assumed because he comes from a legacy of strong demons that he would naturally be the same in any situation. And came up with a whole variety of excuses of why he originally lost to Val later like being too tired at the time, rather than admit that he just had no experience.

While Emizel is very naive at times and innocent and child-like, he is certainly not stupid. The extent of his knowledge in never clear, but he does seem to at least know every in and out and every big named demon in the Netherworld; all likely due to the fact he used to live right in the center of it all, the Blight House. He also knows quite a bit about the past too. Possibly more that was actually mentioned, but he did at least read all there was known about Tyrant Valvatorez, and enjoyed every story about how he once ruled the Human World through fear. Emizel had no idea that the one guy giving him so much trouble would actually turn out to be one of his heroes.

Also despite abusing his father's title for as long as he can remember, Emizel does actually care a lot for him. More openly about it than most other demons would admit about their families. He also seems to understand Hugo better than anyone and was even able to pick up that something was different than usual going on in the corrupternment in the last couple years, but never bothered to question it. Rather he just trusted that whatever his father was doing was the right choice. Even after the corrupternment destroyed his identity and thrown him out, he still wanted to believe that his father wasn't involved in it, despite that there was no way he wouldn't be. And even after Emizel finally joined the rest of the Disgaea 4 group, it wasn't out of revenge, all he wanted to do was prove that he could be strong. Maybe initially under the thought that Hugo would immediately accept him again, but eventually it lead to brighter goals than that: Being able to stand up on his own and not only get his identity back but actually do something with it.

From around that point and on Emizel began to learn about a lot of important things. Val taught him the meaning of promises, and what happens if you don't actually keep them, though the actual weight consequence didn't seem to sink in till later. How he should never give up even when things are at its worst. And over all what it's pretty much like to fight alongside others, even if they were all working together for different reasons.

And although Emizel suddenly became very ambitious, he can still be very pessimistic and negative a lot of the time too. Again because of his intelligence and knowledge of the Netherworld he knows just how bad of a disadvantage Val's team had to full force of the corrupternment (of course this was still believing that the corrupternment was in its prime), and constantly going on about how none of them stood a chance. This attitude did start to change however once they did manage to survive every little thing thrown at them, to the point that when battles went beyond just things in the Netherworld (protecting the moon and eventually having to 'fight God'), Emizel pretty much stopped worrying over if the plans would actually work or not. But then by that point the situations were very much do or die anyway.

Not that there's anything wrong about being too much of a worrywart, as this can make Emizel one of more considerate/thoughtful ones of his kind out there. Just don't ever bring it up or he will find ways to either deny it or change subjects.

But he certainly a bit of a spazz time to time, always tripping over words whenever nervous or under pressure and all that, usually for comedic effect. Speaking of comedic effect though Emizel has about two of those: One being his hatred towards all things fish and seafood related (in streak contrast to Valvatorez's obsession with sardines). And the other is his fear of women, or rather just females in general. Which was something that started after he was pulled into Fuka and Desco's (and eventually Artina) 'gossip circle' and soon learned first hand how conniving, treacherous, and shameless girls can be. Later spawning Emizel's catchphrase of calling women scary and wanting to have nothing to do with them, even going as far as vowing to never get married (not that he understands love well enough on the romantic level anyway). However despite all this apprehension towards the opposite gender he can still be tolerable of them. After all he wouldn't still consider Fuka, Desco, and Artina as friends comrades if he did.

Otherwise Emizel isn't too far from other demons. He's stubborn and much more competitive now that pride and honor are bigger deals (even if it is both family oriented and personal) while still knowing his limit, and can speak what's on his mind if he needs to. Despite trying to be conservative he is sometimes impulsive too, especially after provoked which can happen easily. Style is also a big deal as it is another part to having an identity, but also stick to modern trends as not only does his clothing reflect this but in the very beginning he used to use a lot of quite outdated slang. He wants to impress everyone but sort of be cool while doing it, and it makes him a bit reluctant to do embarrassing or degrading things if he can avoid it. Unfortunately not many are willing to take him so seriously when he is just a kid and still too timid to have a bite that's worse than his bark.

There's a skill exhibition page right over here \o/

Although Emizel essentially has black mage stats (lots of magic power, frail everywhere else), demons are implied to be pretty sturdy and difficult to actually kill. Making him probably more defensively adapted than a normal human at least, but given his size and age, definitely not at the highest potential yet. He's undoubtedly tougher than a human at his age, but for a demon, he's on the weaker side. Also, his throwing stat is pretty damn lame.

Demons also have keener senses too, although the only one that's really confirmed is hearing (I guess the pointed ears are good for something), but it can be assumed that sight and smell is better too. Actually it might as well be a fact that they have amazing night vision when most of the Netherworld is dark and dreary anyway. As well as a little bit of sixth senses, sometimes being able to pick up presences and see supernatural/paranormal activity (Which Emizel could probably excel at even more given his role as Death, but needs practice at).

Since Emizel is Death, he is also capable of reaping souls; although this probably only works on Prinnies or those already dead to begin with. Your mileage can vary. Either way, watch for the scythe, he's still not as afraid to use it now.

Also in D4 demons don't need air to breathe either. Because plot demanded it. \O.o/

Sample: Being classy and using an old Paixao log, why not
Anything Else? Keep out of reach from snow.

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Bunny the Honeywhite - Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils [Reserved] (1 of 5)

[personal profile] something_or_other 2014-03-07 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Espilan
Contact: OOC contact post
Existing Characters:

Name: Bunny the Honeywhite
Species/Job/Class/Title: Time Rabbit
Age: Bunny's age is never stated in canon, and it's basically impossible to determine given her ability to manipulate time. If we go by how she acts, though, she's like a bratty teenager. A really bratty, sarcastic, and sometimes mean teenager. She'll fit in perfectly.
Series: Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils (referred to hereafter as "BMD/C7D")
Canon Point: After Chelsea's ending, which is the game's good/true ending.
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History! (2 of 5)

[personal profile] something_or_other 2014-03-07 02:54 am (UTC)(link)
NOTE: If you want or need a transcription of the game's official translation, I have one available here that covers everything except for the bad/false ending dialogue and some miscellaneous details like signs and in-game descriptions.

1999X. Cat weapons, using Thermomewclear power, have triggered the Feline World War, enveloping the world in Feline Flames. The remaining populace were plunged into a cruel world where only the strong survived... No, on the contrary, they actually achieved harmonious use of thermomewclear energy and lived their days in peace.

All's well that ends well.

Three days later... The Mighty Thermomewclear Power Plant exploded. At the time, Bunny just happened to be nearby. She was not badly injured, but the exploding Cat Curse caused her to grow cat ears! Bunny was turned into a half-rabbit, half-cat, something-or-other!

"Oh woe! Oh my! How terrible this all is!"

Bunny then followed the Portly Divine Messenger who suddenly appeared to her. They soon arrived at the Devils' Labyrinth where she could break the curse. However! As soon as they arrived, they were attacked by a raging bull. The Portly Divine Messenger fought back with everything he had, but it proved futile. He was pierced twenty-four times by those incredibly sharp horns, dying on the spot! The Portly Divine Messenger was absolutely beyond dead!! The raging bull then up and left, but Bunny had no idea how to escape the place.
―quoted directly from the introduction to Bunny's half of the game.

And then the game began. Bunny explored the cave, beat up Devils, and generally got angry at anything to cross her path, mostly because she couldn’t hold any kind of conversation with them. She was later confronted by Chelsea Mamanaju, the 618th daughter of the Fairy Lord, who demanded the power of the Devils that Bunny had previously defeated. This demand was worded rather vaguely and was difficult for Bunny to understand, which quickly wore away what patience the princess had, and she soon attacked, forcing Bunny to knock her out in self-defense.

Proceeding past the fallen Chelsea, Bunny then discovered that the Portly Divine Messenger—who she had believed dead—had in fact survived his wounds, and was waiting for Bunny in the final room of the cave. Confused and quite irate that defeating the Devils did not lift her curse, Bunny demanded an explanation, only to learn that the curse was part of his plan to make her fight the Devils; the so-called Portly Divine Messenger was in reality the Devil Dechronus, who sought to steal all of the world’s time for himself, and he intended to use Bunny and the power of the Devils she had fought to break away the seal—a seal created by Chelsea’s father—that was keeping him trapped in the Devils' Labyrinth.

Chelsea regained consciousness just in time to find Bunny being possessed by Dechronus, but as this occurred, Bunny instinctively tapped into her time-manipulation powers, sending all of reality back to the moment Chelsea had set foot into the cave. With all of these events reset but having her memories of the “future” intact, Chelsea then set out to stop Bunny before these events could repeat themselves, so that Dechronus would not have his chance to escape.

Long, long ago... An age when the flow of time was still nicely regulated. Time was managed by the paws of the rabbits. The rabbits took their duties very seriously, allowing people to live quiet and happy lives.

However, one day, a bad rabbit got some uppity ideas and decided to steal peoples' time, using it all for himself. That bad little bunny took the name Devil Dechronus and started to use time however he pleased. The world was thrown into chaos with lost and fractured time!

Originally, the Fairy Lord stubbornly pretended that it was none of his business. However, after awhile, the world was in such a mess that he simply had to intervene. He quickly put the upstart bunny back in his place and sealed him away deep underground, restoring peace. The rabbits were then freed from their role in the management of time and were scattered out into the world.

Many years passed, and the Fairy Lord, finally getting too old to hold such a position of power, decided to retire. The position of Lord of the Fairies was to be filled by his 618th daughter, Chelsea. Our story begins again from when she arrives at the cave in order to take on the responsibilities of rulership.
―quoted directly from the introduction to Chelsea's half of the game.

Bunny’s whereabouts throughout the majority of the second half of the game are largely unknown, as the player was now in control of Chelsea, who in this newly-made alternate timeline defeated all of the Devils herself before Bunny could reach any of them. Upon reaching the room they had fought in, however, Chelsea learned that Dechronus chose to possess her anyway, and that they would fight once more. It was an incredibly-difficult fight even with the power of the seven Devils, as even with only her weapons and time manipulation, Bunny was a formidable opponent.

Once defeated, Dechronus left Bunny’s body and proceeded back to his own, opting to continue the fight with Chelsea immediately in the hopes of killing her as vengeance against her father for sealing him away. This battle did not seem particularly difficult at first, but it then turned out that he was only toying with her, and he soon began to attack with all of his power.

It was beginning to look hopeless; even after Bunny’s last-minute attempt to ruin the very plan she had been used in, even with all of the power Chelsea had gained from the Devils, it was becoming apparent that Dechronus would still be able to escape. Just when Chelsea was about to give up, Bunny ran into the room. Using the same power Dechronus had given her during her possession and the subsequent fight with the fairy princess, Bunny defeated Dechronus almost effortlessly, and then with Chelsea she then saw to it that the seal was reinforced so that he could not try to escape again.

With all of that over, Bunny then explained to Chelsea why she had been in the Devils' Labyrinth to begin with: to break the curse of her cat ears, which even after the defeat of the one who had cursed her still hadn’t gone away. To her surprise, Chelsea offered to help her look into methods of removing the curse, and the pair left the cave to head for Chelsea’s village.

There were no guarantees, but... Well, at the very least, Bunny would be served a cup of the best tea ever.

Personality! (3 of 5)

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Vyers - Disgaea - Reserved (1 of 2)

[personal profile] beautifulrondo 2014-03-07 06:29 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Hayley
Contact: Plurk - ShadetoShade
Existing Characters: N/A

Name: Vyers Mid-Boss
Species/Job/Class/Title: Demon/Dark Adonis
Age: ??? More than 3500
Series: Disgaea
Canon Point: A couple of months post D1

History: Vyers’ and Krichevskoy’s bios on the Disgaea wiki.

Personality: Vyers, upon first glance, is a difficult demon to take seriously. Vain and seemingly self-absorbed, he is quick to praise himself and even quicker to react to negative criticism or anything he sees as a slight with snappiness. At the same time, he is polite and proper to the point of being pretentious, and he will sprinkle his speech with the occasional (and often incorrectly used) French word. In fact, he seems to be doing his best to sound like a gentleman out of a romance novel, especially since his behavior toward women tends to lean toward the flirtatious side.

It seems very natural for Vyers to put on an act or lean toward the dramatic. His descriptions are rather purple and if he feels the need to intervene in anything, he will often do so in a way that puts the limelight on himself. His interactions with others almost always have a bit of a theatrical flair.

That being said, he’s not a very good actor. The image Vyers presents to the world is an act he puts on to conceal his identity as the resurrected King Krichevskoy, but, for the most part, it seems to not be too far from his real personality. When acting as Krichevskoy he takes the route that leads him to the limelight (such as holding a tournament when he has returned to his real identity in the fourth game’s DLC) or making the occasional comment about how incredible or pure or good-looking he is. "Vyers" seems to mostly be a more exaggerated version of Krichevskoy's natural personality for the most part, but with a romantic flair.

With that in mind, let's talk about Krichevskoy for a bit. Krichevskoy is remembered by the Netherworld as a great leader, kind, fair, and non-discriminating. In flashbacks he is shown to be calm and wise, dispensing advice to those who would listen. He talks primarily of how close demons, angels, and humans really are, and how he would like to end prejudice between the three species. He has a kind heart, as evidenced by his helping a young Etna bury her dog when it was killed by demon nobles, and he was willing to give his life in order to make sure Baal did not invade the Netherworld.

However, it can be assumed that while he is willing to dispense advice regarding others' emotions and friendships, he has the typical demon reaction of shying away from those sorts of things when they are in direct relation to himself--or at least handling his own issues himself. While the vassals in the castle seemed aware of Baal's threat, it's up in the air as to how much Krichevskoy told them about his plans to take Baal out, and Laharl outright dismisses them as legend. The only person who really seemed to have known that Krichevskoy planned to seal Baal, or even take him on, was Etna, and that was only because she saw him shortly before his death.

Whether Vyers or Krichevskoy, Vyers can be extremely emotional. When he reacts to a slight, he reacts strongly, and Krichevskoy was in fact known for causing natural disasters when feeling particularly strongly (knocking over mountains because he was overjoyed when Laharl's mother accepted his proposal, freezing the ocean because he was happy when Laharl was born, splitting the Netherworld in two when he was grieving his wife's death).

Vyers is also a terrible liar. If he has time to think up an excuse or a lie, or if it's a lie by omission, he can pull it off, but if it's on the spot you tend to instead get generic excuses at best and horrible, comical ones at worst. His lies also tend to fall apart when vanity is involved. After all, his look as Vyers is essentially the same as how Krichevskoy looked when he was younger only minus the antennae and a more casual outfit.

He can be very persistent (if not outright stubborn) when he wants to be. If he has a goal in mind--be it bringing humans, angels, and demons closer together; stopping an Overlord from an alternate Netherworld from invading his own Netherworld; or making sure his son becomes the best Overlord and person he can be--he will pursue it until he can physically no longer do so. He is so determined to keep an eye on Laharl that that Lamington has to make him rest because he pushed himself too far and put too much strain on his temporary body.

For all of his eccentricities and despite how "normal" he is in his views compared to other demons, Vyers is still a demon at heart. He enjoys a good battle from time to time and he is more accepting of violence and the use of force than others might be due to growing up in the Netherworld. That isn't to say he approves of violence at all times. If it's against someone who can't fight back, for example, I think he would intervene, and he would do the same if it was unnecessarily cruel. But persuading a political body by force/checking up on your son by attempting to beat the tar out of him/trying to get your point across through battle? That's a-okay.

And really, it's a bit more complicated than that, but if I were to start going on about demon ethics we'd probably be here all day.

He also has a mischievous side. When the party comes across him in Celestia, he listens to them guess why he is able to enter the gate to Celestia as well, buzzing out their wrong answers like a game show host. And in his Disgaea 2 cameo, he gives Adell and Rozalin the ending they asked to see... credits with his theme song and his image in the background.
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Vyers - Disgaea - Reserved (2 of 2)

[personal profile] beautifulrondo 2014-03-07 06:29 am (UTC)(link)
Abilities While he may not be the most powerful demons the Netherworld has ever seen--and can be taken by most of the local demons in the castle--Vyers is powerful in his own right and, as is befitting a comic relief character, incredibly sturdy.

Vyers’ abilities include:

  • Enhanced Senses/Strength/Agility: Compared to your average joe, Vyers is incredibly quick and strong. However, as mentioned above, compared to Laharl he is not.

  • All the Roses: Where does he get them all? No one knows. Probably some sort of magic. If the anime is taken into account, the roses can be thrown Tuxedo Mask style and embed themselves in things. Most of the time, however, he uses rose petals as part of a greater attack, such as a cutting wind or a quick burst of flame.

  • Creation of Doppelgangers: Vyers can create multiple clones of himself that he can use to fight alongside him. They don’t last terribly long and are weaker than he is, but they can come in handy to add a little extra punch to an attack.

  • Magic: More generally than the above, Vyers often uses large blasts of magic or energy balls to fight.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat/Weapons?: Vyers is incredibly skilled with hand-to-hand combat, using a variety of kicks and punches to his advantage. He also is incredibly skilled with spears and swords, but his current status as a monster unit makes it impossible for him to use them.

  • Jacket-based Flight: The bolero Vyers wears acts as his wings. It’s not as versatile as Laharl’s scarf.
  • Potential: While it seems like an odd thing to add, Disgaea 4’s DLC has proven that, in time, Vyers is capable of returning to the former strength and glory he had as Krichevskoy. It’s unlikely he’ll get to that point during this RP unless an event is involved or the planets align, but the potential is there nonetheless.

  • Charisma: Beyond the doofiness and ham, he is quite charismatic, able to gain quite a few followers during the years Laharl was asleep.

Vyers’ weaknesses are as follows:

  • Bound by his Act: While he’s fairly competent and knowledgeable, much of Vyers’ knowledge ends up being hidden underneath a hefty layer of failure and quirkiness, which only gets worse if he feels others are catching onto his secrets. It’s unlikely that people are going to trust him with many serious issues right off the bat.

  • Mid-Boss Title: He’s very sensitive about it.

  • Narcissism: Want to distract him? Give him plenty of compliments. Alternatively, point out problems with his appearance and watch him flail around in a distracted rage.

  • Shaky Existence: Lamington implies during the first game that Vyers is walking a very thin line with his reincarnation. Expending too much power in one go may put his life in danger. While Disgaea 4 seems to imply that he eventually got around that, seeing as he’s managed to level grind his ass into being one of the best units in the game, but at this point in time things are kind of up in the air.

  • Tendency Toward the Dramatic: Somewhat related to his narcissism, Vyers loves the spotlight and will do what he can to ensure that it’s on him, even if it means a simple plan becomes a bit more convoluted or uncertain in the process.

  • Sample: A Very Maury Demonmas (or something)

    Anything Else? Will probably try and move back on into the castle he had in D1 the first chance he gets.
Edited 2014-03-07 06:37 (UTC)

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Re: Accepted--I guess.

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Betrayus - Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Reserved - 1/4

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Name: Tora
Contact: [personal profile] adorablyrotten or [ profile] AdorablyRotten
Existing Characters: Nope!

Name: Betrayus Spheros
Species/Job/Class/Title: Ghost / Ghost Overlord
Age: Unknown. He's kind of dead so it doesn't really matter much.
Series: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
Canon Point: After "Invasion of the Pointy Heads" (Season 1 finale)
History: wakka wakka wiki wiki
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Betrayus - Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Reserved - 2/4

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Personality: In many ways, Betrayus is completely both what you would and wouldn't expect from a sinister and nefarious lord of the dead. He's dramatic, loud, egotistic, selfish, cruel, brazen, forceful, demanding, quite tactless, lusts for power, and has a short fuse with a temper as fiery as his actual fire powers. But at the same time, he can also be overly-emotional, childish, whiny, excitable, impulsive as opposed to having calculated actions, and just plain goofy and ridiculous. He's hilariously weak towards his mother and can't sleep without his favorite stuffed animal, for starters.

While it may be difficult to tell under the thick layer of instability, immaturity and clear insanity, he is actually exceptionally intelligent and the fact he nearly conquered the entire world was no accident. He's incredibly stubborn, which translates into persistence and ruthlessness. At the end of the day, he is a lot less incompetent than the impression he leaves might initially suggest, legitimately threatening and intimidating when he wants to be, and strikes true fear into those who serve him.
Even though when not in the mood for an attempt at a full-on takeover, he'll simply but gladly take antagonizing or causing general mischief and chaos in the living world instead.

It can easily be said that he's sadistic as well, since he absolutely loves the misery and suffering of anyone who opposes him, anyone he's angry with, or anyone he just doesn't like. Not to mention, having no qualms with torture, murder, genocide, or casually setting someone on fire if he's even so much as mildly annoyed at them. He is relentlessly determined in his goal to kill his nemesis, who happens to be an orphaned teenager. Though it seems like he'll go to any length necessarily in order to accomplish this, he does have his limitations and standards. For instance? He'd rather let Pac-Man live than marry an ugly, obnoxious old witch.

Living up to his name, he isn't particularly what you'd call trustworthy either. He'll double-cross anyone should it suit him, but in classic villainous, hypocritical fashion, he very much does not appreciate being backstabbed himself, and anybody who does choose to turn on him will likely wish that they hadn't.
Like many evil rulers, he tends to prefer to give orders and let his minions do his dirty work then get involved in his schemes up close. This often reads as "caution" (read: cowardice), but if necessary he won't hesitate to take matters into his own hands and confront things personally. Still, he won't act if he thinks it isn't worth it, since he is horribly, terribly afraid of being eaten and having his eyeballs spat out, and will run to avoid this happening under any circumstance.

Yet before the last of the "yellow ones," Betrayus's greatest enemy is, and has always been, his older brother Stratos. It's not only enormously possible, but somewhat implied that the reason for his many, many complexes, including the constant need to feel superior, stems from a lifelong sibling rivalry; a rivalry so strong it escalated into a literal war which consumed the whole planet. His fury and animosity towards Stratos, along with his unrelenting desire to seek vengeance on, overthrow, and prove himself better than his brother, is something even death itself cannot stop.

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Troubadour - Ah! My Goddess! - Reserved

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Name: Rue/Ruevian
Contact: or through PMs on this journal
Existing Characters: None

Name: Troubadour
Species/Job/Class/Title: Minor god/spirit of the plum tree
Age: Unknown, possibly immortal
Series: Ah! My Goddess!
Canon Point: After he leaves to chase down the Golden Nightingale he summoned.
History: [going with manga canon here]

Troubadour was the lover of one of the main characters in the series, and he only showed up for one episode/chapter.

After leaving the goddess Urd some time in the past, Troubadour showed up on Earth, claiming to want to rekindle his romance with Urd. She refused him, claiming that she wasn't the type to cling to someone who had already rejected her once. Unfortunately, seeing Keiichi (Urd's sister's boyfriend) stirred up his terrible jealousy, until he was convinced that Keiichi was a woman (thanks to a mishap with some of Urd's potions, Keiichi had long hair and breasts at the time).

Still, Troubadour would not take no for an answer, as unbeknownst to Urd and the others, he needed a tear from Urd to unlock a summoning scroll he had spent years hunting down. He considered that stirring up the feelings of love in Urd's heart would be the best way to do this, and continued to try to move Urd with his music again and again, making life hectic and difficult for everyone. Urd became more and more flustered despite her best intentions, while Keiichi had to constantly be on his guard and not reveal that he was, in fact, a man.

It all came to a head when Troubadour, hiding in the bath to surprise Urd once more, was instead greeted with the full nudity of Keiichi entering instead. Seeing the undeniable proof that Urd was in fact living with a man, Troubadour's terrible jealousy took hold and he began his only high-level attack -- a cursing song that would make Keiichi feel like a thousand insects and worms were crawling through his body. Just as it seemed to be unbearable, Urd showed up and promptly slapped some sense into him, but as she did, something fell from Troubadour's clothes.

It was the ring she had given him when they were lovers, in a gift exchange. Stunned that he had kept it on him after all this time, Urd was finally moved to tears. Before the tear could fall to the floor, Troubadour used it to open up his summoning scroll. He was elated, until Urd realized he'd been using her from the start, and was promptly punished with lightening strikes for his transgressions.

Still, Urd and the rest stood by as Troubadour sang from the scroll, and at last Troubadour's dream was realized: the Golden Nightingale of legend was summoned (much larger than advertised)! But it fled from Troubadour almost immediately after.

He jumped up to chase after it, but hesitated, looking back at Urd. She told him that while she was hurt he would choose his dream over her, she didn't want to see him turn into the kind of man who wouldn't chase after a dream. And so Troubadour left, despite the regret in his heart.

And he was never seen again.


Troubadour is passion! Troubadour is romance! Troubadour is the swirling storm of petals in the wind! Troubadour is a noisy pain in the ass.

Everything Troubadour does, he cranks it up to 11. He can feel a whole gamut of emotions in a 5 minute period, and reactions are nearly always melodramatic. Believing himself to be as mysterious and romantic as the hero of an epic love story, Troubadour is, alas, not as perfect or incredible as he claims.

Selfish and vain, he rarely takes no for answer and has no qualms with using people for his own ends, believing his own goals are the greater good. While by no means an evil guy, he isn't exactly generous and noble, and can actually become childish and sulking when he doesn't get what he wants. He is reckless and short-tempered, and his selfishness means he'll act out in his emotions without any regard for the other people around him. There are moments of depth or vulnerable emotion, but those moments are few and far between.

He has a jealous streak a mile wide, and once he's swept up in it, will refuse to listen to reason. Anyone who gets close to the object of his affection who he perceives as a threat will be hounded mercilessly and punished until they retreat.

Outside of his many, many flaws, however, Troubadour is dreamer, a wanderer, an adventurer. Every obstacle is merely a temporary set-back he'll force his way over, and his eye is always on the horizon in his quest for what he claims is "an eternal romance."

With time and the right influence, he could find something bigger than himself to work for, but until that day comes, Troubadour will always be the hot-headed, stubborn, passionate and needlessly dramatic god he is.


Unsurprisingly, Troubadour is mostly talk without any walk to back it up. As a god, he is effectively immortal and can survive most high level attacks with only minor wounds as a result, and he heals nearly instantly. He can fly and hover in the air like most other gods as well, and his own unique rank as Plum Tree Spirit means he can use plum trees to teleport via a swirl of plum blossoms. His connection to Yggdrassil, the heavenly system that runs reality, means he doesn't need to sleep or eat either.

However, his only offensive spell is his Insect Summoning Song or "Mushi Mushi Shoukanka." Equivalent to that of a First Class God's power (the most powerful gods in AMG canon), the song makes large insects (centipedes, beetles, ect) crawl through the unlucky target. While it's nonfatal, it's obviously quite unpleasant to deal with, and the only way to get it to stop outside of Troubadour willing it so is to interrupt Troubadour, usually through violence.

Outside of his god abilities, Troubadour is quite skilled musically -- he carries a large harp with him that he plays expertly, and his singing voice is a rich, smooth baritone that charms and seduces many who hear it. Of course, his lyrics sometimes leave a lot to be desired, but when he puts his mind to it, he can really move someone's heart.


Troubadour stood on the highest point he could find, making sure his cape was arranged just so, so it could billow dramatically around him as he folded his arms and looked down to the world below. This was how it should be -- the celestial risen above the demonic! Untouched and barely interacting at all! how in the world had he found himself in some interdimensional hell!?

His carefully arranged facade of coolness cracked and Troubadour made a high-pitched noise of frustration in the back of his throat as he desperately ran his fingers through his hair. "Bring me back to Heaven this instant!" he shouted up at the sky, where of all things, the Earth hovered like a great blue moon. Of course there was no reply, no transfer through dimensions -- nothing.

Groaning, Troubadour knelt and put his head down on the arms he folded over his knees. As a traveler, he had been to many places, but had always been able to return. And he'd never been surrounded by demons! If they could sense his divine aura...if they knew what he was...! Surely they would seal him away and toss him into some forgotten pit!

"Noooo!" he screamed, rolling around with his hands to his head. "Anything but that!" But just as soon as he'd started his theatrics, he was done, shooting back to his feet with a determined, glowering expression.

"I will break through this prison!" he declared to no one, his hands on his hips. "No demon can bind a free god like me without my explicit consent! And no consent has been given! I shall simply find a different way home!" He thrust a finger to the kingdom below, his hair stirred in a sudden breeze.

"Be wary, so-called 'Netherworld!' You have made a powerful enemy this day! If you value your peace, you will allow me passage back to where I belong!" He continued yelling and shouting to himself, heedless of the demons below who wondered who the crazy idiot on top of the hill was.

Anything Else? As a very minor character, I have some headcanon points that I've thought up to fill in some gaps and add depth to Troubadour's character, but there's only one that I'm hoping you'll allow, and it has to do with his personality:

Basically, I'd like to think that Troubadour's desperate chasing of dreams and his vanity are covers for an inferiority complex over his lack of power in a world full of very powerful, important beings. Not that he doesn't think he's handsome and talented, but deep down inside, he's desperate to find something to make him truly special and unique because of a deep-seeded fear that the way he is now just isn't good enough.

This isn't a NECESSARY headcanon for me to play him, but if I can use it, it'd certainly add a little more depth to his interactions with other characters.
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Chelsea Mamanaju - Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils [Reserved]

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Utau Hoshina - Shugo Chara - Reserved - 1/4

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Name: Nena
Contact: [ profile] nenabearr; Skype: nenaxbear
Existing Characters: Currently, none. I do have another app I'm working on, however, for another character I'll be reserving.

Name: Utau Hoshina (Utau Tsukiyomi)
Species/Job/Class/Title: Human; independent singer at Sanjou Productions
Age: 16
Series: Shugo Chara!
Canon Point: post-Encore!
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Utau Hoshina - Shugo Chara - Reserved - 2/4

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Considering that the Shugo Chara! Wiki lacks sufficient information on Utau's backstory, I'll be writing it out!

Utau was born to Souko Hoshina, the sole heiress to the Easter Company, and Aruto Tsukiyomi, a prominent violinist, thereby making her Utau Tsukiyomi, the younger sister of Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Her parents' marriage was strongly opposed due to the fact that, at the time, Aruto had no reputation; though, under the circumstance that Aruto would stop pursuing music and become the next successor to the company upon the chairman's passing, it was approved, and the two were wedded. Despite his promise, however, when the time came for him to inherit the company, Aruto suddenly disappeared, bringing ridicule and backlash to his remaining family. Many years had passed and Aruto still hadn't returned, so Souko was forced to marry the current director of Easter, Kazuomi Ichinomiya, and as compensation for Aruto's actions, both Utau and Ikuto were contracted to work for Easter.

Easter is a company attempting to find the Embryo, a pure white egg said to grant any wish to the one who obtains it. As such, the company used a method known as X-Eggs, which occurs when a child has given up their dreams — to make the extraction of X-Eggs much easier and quicker, Easter used Utau's occupation as a singer and her Guardian Character, Il. When Utau Character Changed with Il, she was able to extract a large amount of X-Eggs from those who attended her performances. Though Utau worked to find the Embryo for Easter, in actuality, she was going to use the wish for herself to free her brother, Ikuto, from its contract. Despite the fact they were siblings, Utau held a love for her brother that surpassed that of a familial bond and would become jealous if anyone other than herself caught his interest. When it was discovered by the Seiyou Academy Guardians that she was the one who was extracting X-Eggs, she was confronted by the Joker, Amu Hinamori, with whom she formed a rivalry with fairly quickly due to her brother's Ikuto's interest in the young girl. From that day on, she swore that she wouldn't ever lose to Amu.

When Amu's fourth Guardian Egg was turned into an X-Egg due to Amu's dissatisfaction with herself, Utau was the one who had discovered it; the Guardian Character inside, X-Dia, had acknowledged Utau's strength and radiance and accepted her as her owner. At the very same time, Utau had discarded her own Guardian Character, El, in favour of X-Dia. This gave Utau a huge advantage, allowing her to extract even more X-Eggs and kick-start the "Black Diamond" project. This eventually led to the project becoming such a huge success that her manager, Yukari Sanjou, had planned on bringing Utau to Los Angeles to extract X-Eggs from the children in America. This plan, however, was thwarted by Amu Hinamori who had managed to convince Utau that she wasn't enjoying singing while contracted with Easter. It had taken a while for Utau to truly accept her words, but everything was restored: Dia returned to Amu, El returned to Utau, and eventually Utau and Yukari quit Easter to start their own production.

The road to returning to fame through their own means this time wasn't easy. As retaliation for Utau leaving Easter, the company scandalised her name and sabotaged her reputation, making her lose the majority of her fans and having to start from scratch. Appearing on TV and the radio were difficult to come by, but Utau never lost heart and continued to work hard. She started off with small public concerts until a new door of opportunities opened to her, and eventually she returned to the pinnacle of her career and even grew closer to Amu, who had been helping her, too.

It's her friendship with Amu which is what allowed her to overcome her brother complex as well. Having been on an outing with the girl, the two bumped into Tadase Hotori, the King's Chair of the Seiyou Academy Guardians, and Kukai Souma, the former Jack's Chair of the Guardians. While Amu and Tadase conversed, Kukai challenged Utau to a ramen-eating competition... which makes up the basis of their friendship. In the sequel manga, Encore!, it expounds more on Utau and Kukai's friendship, showing that they spend quite a lot of time hanging out together and having ramen-eating competitions. Though by the end of the chapter, their friendship blossomed into newfound romance, and the two promptly started dating.

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Kain Highwind | Final Fantasy IV / Dissidia 012 - Reserved

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Name: Lisa
Contact: [ profile] vorpal or PM this journal
Existing Characters: N/A

Name: Kain Highwind
Species/Job/Class/Title: Human; Dragoon
Age: 21
Series: Final Fantasy IV / Dissidia 012
Canon Point: Just at the end of FFIV when he’s gone off to the mountains… timing-wise, he was brought into the war cycles of Dissidia shortly afterward, and will be coming from after dying at the end of Dissidia.
History: Final Fantasy IV History | Dissidia 012 History

Personality: Kain is aloof, serious, and introverted as seen in both IV and 012. Not even his best friend Cecil always knows what's going on in his head as evidenced by Kain keeping his feelings for Rosa from him in their original game. He's also willing to isolate himself from his homeland and friends at the end of IV in order to strengthen himself on Mount Ordeals. There's also a Dissidia scene in which Jecht implies that many people on their team were worried about his solitary tendencies. He's therefore well-known by anyone familiar with him as being the stoic type who keeps to himself. Often, it's hard for others to understand the real motives behind his actions, such as his seemingly-traitorous plan in Dissidia. Kain's tendency toward emotional repression also makes him seem a very indifferent type of person, rather cold most of the time.

Another detail about Kain is that he's extremely proud of his heritage and nation; this pride makes him come across as a bit arrogant at times. As a child, he was known to brag about being the son of the Dragoons' Commander... and that's still a very important part of his identity. He cares deeply about his family honor- making his late father proud is one of his ultimate life goals. This strong sense of honor also again extends to close friends and allies. He's an unwavering, loyal supporter of whatever side he happens to be on.

On the battlefield, Kain is at his most confident. He'll often insult and make sarcastic remarks to his enemies, more than willing to put them in their place as he feels they deserve. Indeed, fighting and training are how he spends most of his time. He's known to often take off on solitary trips in order to strengthen his skills. He has the hardened attitude of a warrior, putting his duty above all else. His pride would never allow him to willingly appear weak. If faced with a challenge he stubbornly won't back down and sometimes overestimates his own capabilities. He pushes himself too much at times- twice in Dissidia he's nearly collapsing but still makes himself keep going. He's capable of enacting tactical battle-related plans on his own, or even in collaboration with others, such as the plan he and the Warrior of Light were involved in. There's often some element of risk-taking involved in his way of planning, as Kain even mentions: "I took a risk to believe in a chance, rather than live as a pawn to disappear". He's therefore the type who'd much rather take action through fighting than sit back and do nothing... especially if it means breaking free of a bad situation. Kain also very much takes an "ends justify the means" approach, not afraid to act in ways that might disturb others (or ruin his own reputation) in order to achieve something for the greater good.

Despite the seemingly cold exterior, Kain is highly compassionate beneath the surface, and always strives to protect his closest friends. Indeed, it is often for their sakes that he hides how he really feels, so that he doesn't hurt them (like not telling Cecil how he felt about Rosa in IV). Even his plan to knock people out in 012 was surprisingly with good intentions- he was trying to save them from permanent death and knew they would rush in to risk it had he told them what he was doing. He will therefore defend loved ones without question when need arises... and will even go to extreme measures to help them.

Indeed, Kain has a strong sense of loyalty for those who have earned it- although it can take a long time to get there. It's mentioned in Dissidia that he's been there for several cycles already, enough time to form bonds with the others and actually consider them as friends. Therefore, he was willing to come to their assistance on many occasions. He jumped in to save Tifa from Ultimecia, for instance, and also refused to tell Exdeath where he'd hidden his downed allies. He also stayed behind alone to fight Exdeath, allowing the others in the party time to get ahead to fight off Manikins heading for Cosmos. Kain also knew that the party would need his help to fight the Manikins... Despite being injured already and being fully aware it meant certain death, Kain went along to fight beside them anyway, showing his courageous side as well as the intense loyalty. He behaved the same in the original game, jumping in to Cecil's defense against the 'king.' He is therefore highly prone to sacrificing himself for friends when the need arises.

There are also a lot more troublesome issues going on below the surface than Kain lets on. He isn't always an easy person to be around, and forms deep grudges. He dwells on issues, going into long periods of brooding and reflection. Kain is extremely unforgiving of faults, especially his own. Deep down, his self-confidence actually isn't quite as strong as he would have others believe... especially when it comes to matters that don't involve fighting. His feelings for Rosa, for instance, still torment him and he's not very good at understanding relationships in general. When he feels guilty, it weighs on him for a long time. Remorse for his past is a major driving force behind his actions, and it's never far from his mind.

Kain is more susceptible to mind control and brainwashing than most people. His darker side is usually kept under control (but thanks to Golbez/Zemus stirring it up in the past, it's a problem that he can't always ignore). He fears being controlled as he was before, thus has grown much more suspicious of others' motives. There's also the fact that his darker self is still not beaten yet, and it's a constant struggle for him to contain it. If someone gives him the approval he thinks he deserves, he might be very willing to follow their cause, whether it be good or evil. He's deeply ashamed by these mental weaknesses. Jealousy is another of Kain's worst characteristics, making him obsessed with proving himself against impossible standards. He constantly makes comparisons of himself against others, attempting to surpass them... which often frustrates him if he isn't able to meet such lofty goals.



Kain is physically very strong. He's a Dragoon, a knight class with a jumping ability. He spent his childhood and onward training in this fighting style, so he's very experienced. The air is Kain's element, and he dominates strongly over enemies of the sky. Jumping to great heights wielding heavy weaponry gives him an advantage over opponents on land as well. When he jumps, it allows him to evade some attacks. He is a fierce, determined warrior, and stubborn about winning his battles. In game he even challenges Cecil to a duel, to prove himself better in combat. His preferred weapon is the spear, and that's the one he primarily uses. He has passable skill with a sword, and is able to hold his own in a fist fight (in a flashback in the updated game, he threatens to beat Cecil up as a kid). Kain puts his duty as a fighter above everything else. Since he was in a commanding position, this means he has familiarity with battle tactics and strategies, as well as a leadership role.

Here are some detailed descriptions of his Dissidia 012 abilities + Augments I gave him from IV. Many of the ground ones are basically specialized physical attacks with his spear, while the aerial ones are more or less variants on Jump. He also makes use of his wind-based affinity through his Cyclone attack. Augments include Cry (lowers enemy defense), Phoenix (when he's knocked out, it revives others who are knocked out), and Darkness (increase his attack by using some health).

Outside of battle, Kain is able to remain in the mountains for long stretches of time- and somehow live!- so he's rather skilled at survival in the wilderness. Since he's a dragoon from a long ancient line of them, he also has an innate connection to dragons. This skill allowed him to care for his father's dragon for a while after he'd died. Kain also has outstanding endurance, and is capable of pushing himself beyond points where many might give up. He can be a loyal companion, despite the problems in his past. He spoke up to defend Cecil against the false king, and even while under mind control, had an underlying need to keep Rosa close. Once a person has won his trust, he will support them through anything. He is also quite confident and prideful, with a strong sense of honor. Adhering to this honor is important to him, because it was his father's way as well. He doesn't back down from challenges, no matter the danger, and isn't afraid to use extreme measures to achieve his goals.


Kain isn’t innately skilled with magic, and therefore his offense and defense in this area are both very low. This leaves him very vulnerable to magical attacks. Being covered in armor makes his defense particularly weak against lightning-element attacks, and since his main element is air, he doesn’t fare as well against earth-element. Fighting in closed quarters (such as the Phantom Train) can potentially limit him, since he can’t use his favored jump attacks as easily. He's especially weak against mind control and possession, as shown by the ease with which Golbez/Zemus invaded his mind. He’s also only human for all his great endurance, and often pushes himself much too hard in battle… especially when injured.

He’s much weaker mentally than he appears. His habit of keeping his thoughts to himself works against him more often than not. He's more likely to seethe and obsess about something than show it outright. He’s hard to figure out, even by his closest friends. This can be a real disadvantage, because he’s much less stable mentally and emotionally than he appears to be. His secret instability leaves him vulnerable, and easily manipulated if he isn't careful. He's deeply ashamed by all of these mental weaknesses. Since he won't be open about any of these problems, he never really gets the opportunity to confront or work through them. Instead, he tends to isolate himself.

Kain can seem to be quite intimidating and unapproachable. He sometimes taunts those he holds a low opinion of... especially when in a bad mood, or all out evil mode. For instance, he makes snide remarks at Cecil when their paths cross, while he's serving Golbez/Zemus. He generally seems condescending toward many of those he doesn't already consider a close friend, too, and who seemingly don't make a great impression on him- notably Edge when they first meet him. This trait is definitely more likely to make him enemies than friends.

Kain is tormented by guilt for past actions, which certainly weakens his emotional state. Jealousy in particular has always been Kain's greatest downfall. Indeed, it was this flaw which ultimately allowed Golbez to gain control over his mind. He also has a fondness for Rosa, which he prefers to remain quiet about. Even so, these feelings can be used against him.

Kain lives with a constant struggle against his dark side. This amounts to a battle against emotional and mental darkness. In the game, he becomes almost a different person under Golbez's power- speaking his mind more, and being even more abrasive than usual. This side must literally be fought in his world, to be overcome. Because he has not done this task, it remains part of him... rather like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Kain's feelings on being transformed into a manikin
Fighting the undead

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Flonne - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - Reserved

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Name: Jen
Contact: [personal profile] supreme_overlord / [ profile] nalina / Aim: Makainosasayaki

Name: Flonne
Species/Job/Class/Title: Fallen Angel
Age: 1509
Series: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Canon Point: Month or so after end game. (Same as HK's setting.)
History: and


At first glance it isn't hard to see how Flonne was once an angel. She's kind, gentle, considerate, up-beat and rather sweet -- for the most part. Becoming a fallen angel and hanging around Etna and Laharl all the time, as well as the Netherworld in general, is definitely starting to have an influence on her. She's starting to do things now that she likely would not have as a angel trainee. Though she has mostly adjusted fairly well to being a fallen angel, but there is still a part of her that wishes to be an angel again.

Despite the changes living in the Netherworld is starting to have on her, she's still almost painfully polite, even when angered. She is also extremely innocent and naive, to the point that she does at times come across like a total ditz, however Flonne is not stupid. While sometimes it seems she has flowers for brains, there's a lot more ticking up there than what meets the eye. She shows this many times through-out the game, such as being able to read past Laharl's often made up excuses and fronts, or her wise words to Vulcanus in Celestia upon learning his true intentions.

Flonne's a girl who wears her emotions on her sleeves. Happy, sad, depressed... it's always easily readable, no matter how hard she might try to hide them. Lying in general is something she rather fails at, but given angels aren't supposed to lie, it's not too surprising. She also has a great deal of empathy for other's feelings, being able to cry not only over her own problems, but for others as well. She's the sort of person who would even cry for her enemies, if given reason to.

She isn't always happy, of course. While she tries to be patient and understanding, she can lose her temper. Stubbornness is another often seen trait, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, as she takes it very seriously. But with that stubbornness is also great passion. Whatever it may be, she always will strive to do her best.

She is extremely loyal to those she cares about, especially her two friends who she'd follow practically anywhere, even if she doesn't always agree with their ways. Without hesitation she would step up to defend them, even at a her risk to her own well being. While love and peace is her ideal world, she has come to understand that violence can be necessary, especially for demons. Of course, depending on the situation, she'd still rather see problems be talked out as opposed to fighting. When Laharl and Etna argue, it's usually her in the middle trying to keep the peace.

And then there is love! AH LOVE~ She believes wholly in the power of love, that love conquers all and that everyone has love in their hearts! (Even Laharl!) She sees love in all things. ...almost literally. If she can apply love to a situation, she won't hesitate to bring it up. However, she really does seem to have some actual understanding of the emotion and can spout out some very meaningful thoughts about it. Her great passion for love has earned her the nicknames "Love Maniac" or "Love Freak" from a certain Overlord, which really doesn't seem to bother her.

While love is her main obsession, Flonne rather a bit of an otaku... and by a bit, I mean a LOT. She loves ninjas and sentai teams like the prism rangers, and heroes in general, and of course, she loves shoujo too! She would love to be a magical girl! Giant robots and spaceships are also high on her awesome things list. (To the point that when she becomes an angel again in canon, and jumps ranks to Arch Angel, she builds her own robot, Flonzor X! ...Really. I'm not making this up.) She's also is a bit of a klutz, can't cook to save her life and her singing? Well, let's just say Laharl called one of her songs a "Killing Song". Don't let her near a mic. Seriously.


Foremost, Flonne is an excellent magic user. Healing magic is particularly her specialty, but she's still quite skilled at elemental magic too. She also knows a fair amount of support magic, such as barrier and espoir. She also has several special abilities, which in Disgaea are abilities which generally make use of a person's own power as opposed from drawing from the elemental forces around them as magic does.

First she has the "Power of Love," her own personal healing ability, able to heal those around her.

Second attack is Holy Arrows, originally shooting exploding angel feathers like arrows, it now shoots exploding hearts. Because that's holy, right?

Her original third was Holy Ray, but upon becoming a fallen angel, she created a new ability, Flonnezilla... it involves a costume and a large ray beam. Yeah.

Somewhere between D1 and DD2, she also creates a new attack called "Love Knuckle!" Charging her fist WITH LOVE energy, she strikes the opponent with her FIST. ...Yup, definitely been hanging around Laharl too much. In D4 she uses a move which summons a dragon to do a dark breath attack. In the original Disgaea she used magic to summon a dragon to fight for her, using the same "spell" so is basically the same thing.

Flonne's weaknesses stems more mental than physical, although, of course, Flonne IS still a mage; she's certainly squishier than Laharl and Etna. Her greater weaknesses are things such as her gullibility and her willingness to help people. She prefer a non-violent approach to solving things, but in the Netherworld that's certainly not how things roll. They're the sort of things that could get her in trouble one of these days.

Other abilities include being able to stay up stupid late watching anime, but still wake up early the next morning! (SUCH SKILL!) Being able cook food that'll make even the most iron stomach sick, and apparently has some mad cosplay sewing skills! (She sews her own magical girl cosplay in DD2!)


Valentines Day!
3-4 years of RP later... finally SOMETHING!
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!

Anything Else?

...NOPE. Don't think so. |Da

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Priere - La Pucelle: Tactics

[personal profile] taiga_ameca 2014-03-10 09:47 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Taiga
Contact: [personal profile] taiga_ameca [ profile] Methylene
Existing Characters: \0.o/

Name: Priere
Species/Job/Class/Title: Human/Demon Hunter/Alternate Story Accidental Overlord/La Pucelle
Age: 16
Series: La Pucelle: Tactics
Canon Point: After the original story

History: Link to a journal entry because this thing is long!

Personality: At first glance, Priere appears to be a rather normal, fun-loving, easy-going, slightly tomboy-ish girl. She’s a Sister of the Church and a demon hunter who’s obsessed with becoming the Maiden of Light, which is somewhat akin to becoming a very powerful Saint.

However, if you were expecting this to make her a dedicated member of the clergy, you were in for a surprise. She's brash, violent, short tempered, stubborn, rude, and rather vulgar, at least, much more then what a Sister should be. She gets angry fast, and her reactions can range from simply looking very, very ticked off, to sending a person flying into the air in a well placed punch. She’s highly impulsive and can act extremely irrationally when put under pressure, such as the time she took control of an airship and rammed it in a flying building to go faster. (It was an emergency, you see.) She tends to act before she thinks, both in her actions and in her words, which tends to get her in trouble more often than not, especially when she’s fighting demons. She won’t hesitate to tell you exactly how she feels about you, your evil plan, and everything in between, even if she’s in a tight situation. She only thinks of the consequences after the deed has been done.

That being said, while she’s quick to anger, she’s also very quick to forgive and get over it. Her moods can be explosive, but she can get back to her fun loving self even quicker. This makes her rather transparent and honest. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and is generally pretty easy to figure out.

However, there IS one exception. She hates to show any kind of weakness, especially in front of people she cares about. This is mostly due to a promise she made at her parent’s grave: seeing her little brother cry, she promised to protect him and in her eyes, this meant she had to be strong. Because of this, she pretty much pushes away anything that might bring her grief, keeping it to herself. This doesn’t tend to affect her friends much, but it has caused tensions with her brother, who pretty much believed that she was just that cold and uncaring when it came to the death of their parents. She can show weakness, but when she does, it’s in private.

She can also be somewhat of a hypocrite at times. She won’t hesitate to give you advice or a piece of her mind, but she herself won’t follow it. However, in her case, it seems more out of immaturity and inexperience than any form of malice. She can be very quick at using common sense to call people out on their bullshit, but it’s only when she’s forced into similar situations that she can truly understand that it’s not as easy as she made it sound.

However, this doesn't mean that she doesn't have a soft side. Having grown up in an orphanage, Priere naturally assumed the role of the “Big Sister”, pretty much becoming their leader, something she never quite outgrew. She even told the Princess of her Kingdom to call her “Big Sister” mere minutes after they met! She’s very protective of them and most return the favor. Her fondness for children also seem to apply to demons, as she was shown hesitating to attack Laharl and co in DD2, even outright refusing to fight at first because they were children. Of course, this eventually passed and she went all out on them, but Laharl wasn’t helping. She can also be very compassionate, even more so to her enemies than her friends at time. It’s not rare for her to show sadness, pity, and even understanding at some of their action, even though she refuses to condone their actions. A lot of her battles end with her praying for their souls to be purified in death.

However, while the desire to protect those she loves started as a noble intention, it lead her to become rather power hungry. She loves fighting, she lives for it. She is under the mistaken belief that the more demons she destroys, the closer she will be to becoming the Maiden of Light. In an alternate scenario where she accidentally becomes an Overlord (which may or may not have been retconned into being canon… it’s complicated), her dark side is obsessed with power and doesn’t care whatsoever that she had to fall to the darkness to obtain it, something that horrifies the “real” her.

Priere usually deals with bad situations pretty well , but when it becomes too much she simply just stops. She falls asleep and refuses to wake up, in fact, the only reason she woke up and stood up to her problems was because of direct divine intervention... and even then, THAT took a while. She was more than happy to just yell and give the Goddess a piece of her mind for a while instead. However, it takes a whole lot to get her in that state in the first place, so it's not as if she becomes like this on a regular basis.

Abilities: Priere's weapon is a baton... and yet, she's much more comfortable just using her fists and legs to get the job done. She's a strong physical fighter, and while she might not be agile and graceful while doing so, it doesn't really matter when she can just send a man three times her size flying. She has no problems hitting anyone, may it be smacking her brother, slapping perfect strangers, or kicking a guy in the crotch... in fact, that last one is one of her special attacks. She can kick down giant, thick lead doors easy... and this was in the first chapter of the game. Most of her attacks revolve around her whacking, punching, or kicking her opponent in various ways. She’s also capable of creating weapon doubles in her attacks, usually creating a barrage of batons to hurl at her enemies, though this is also augmented with magic.

In her world, nearly everyone can learn magic. Priere ranges within the average when it comes to magic in general. While her magic attacks are rather weak, she has an average learning rate. She naturally learns a status healing spell and she does use some form of magic in two of her special attacks. One creates wind to launch the copies of her baton and the second provokes small explosions as she whacks away. Due to this, it can be said that she knows some low level spells, however, she rarely relies on them. She’s much more of a physical bruiser than a magical one.

Apart from magic, she also has the power of miracles. Miracles mostly look and act like magic, but they don’t actually work the same way. They are rarely used in fighting and mostly used to perform feats that shouldn’t be possible, such as when she desperately tried to heal a dying beast or to enter someone’s heart. These feats require tremendous energy and some of them would kill her outright. If Priere tried to pull the same stunt Alouette did when they entered someone’s heart, it’s implied that she would have ended up dead. There’s a second type of miracle and those involve purifying dark energy. If the dark energy flows the right way and she purifies it, the resulting power allows to call down a god/spell keeper of the correct element to massively damage all those caught in the stream. However, this requires a correct setup, so it’s not something she can do as she pleases. On a more practical level, this allows her to eliminate dark energy lying around and destroy any dimensional gates that pop along with them, thus preventing demons from entering the human world.

The power to purify also works against demons, allowing them to be rid of their darkness and join the side of light. This is basically used as monster recruitment. However, it only works on lower level demons, and that ability will not be used in game, mostly as it would just create random fighters back her up.

However, for all her physical strength, magic is her biggest weak point. A few magic spells are enough to knock her out of a fight; and considering that she is mostly a close range melee and magic has a longer range, this makes any fight against mage type enemies especially dangerous for her. She is also prone to get distracted in fights, especially if she gets bored or if she finds the enemies not up to her standards.

As a Sister of the Church, she’s also forbidden to kill other humans. While she can still hurt them, this can, and has, been used against her before, trapping her in situations where she had to fight for her life, and yet was forbidden to truly harm her assailants. Things tend to end badly for her in those situations.

On the topic of more mundane abilities, she’s an expert at baton twirling, has a pretty decent signing voice (not surprising considering she does live in the same world as the Kingdom of Marl, which is pretty big on music magic and all), and if some of her abilities are to be believed… would probably be pretty good at baseball.

Sample: In which Laharl makes Priere his vassal.
In which it comes back to bite him in the ass.

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Zetta - Makai Kingdom (Disgaea) - Not Reserved

[personal profile] badassfreakingoverlord 2014-03-10 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Dragon
Contact: [ profile] dragonoflife
Existing Characters: N/A

Name: Zetta
Species/Job/Class/Title: Demon/Book, Overlord, Badass Freaking Overlord
Age: 35,000 (Headcanon, but he's canonically over 30,000 for sure!)
Series: Makai Kingdom (Disgaea)
Canon Point: Immediately after confining himself to the Sacred Tome.
History: Zetta at the wiki.
Personality: Self-described Badass Freakin' Overlord Zetta is blustering, brash, bold, and blunt. Evil is in his job description (even if he doesn't really do too much of it). He's powerful and capable and he knows it. At his worst he's a tyrant, commanding his grovelling subjects according to his every whim, doing as he pleases, and generally being the most important thing in the multiverse.

He'd never admit it to himself, but he's not a terrible guy deep down inside. He doesn't do introspection or navel-gazing (he's not much for touchy-feely crap in general, though he's a master of the inner monologue) -- if something causes him to reconsider his choices or actions, he embraces his new course as if the old one had never existed. Whatever he does, he does whole-heartedly -- unless it's only worth a half-assed effort, of course.

Despite his overt embrace of evil, Zetta isn't really evil evil. Selfish, self-centered, and completely self-oblivious, certainly. But he gets along surprisingly well with his peers, beneath the casual insults and posturing that define life at the top of the power hierarchy, and in the face of true evil, such as a colleague actually having attempted to force himself on a woman, meet with instant disgust and reprisals. He talks a big game, and will even follow through on occasion, but the appearance of being evil is ultimately more important that the actuality.

Oh, and he's completely self-oblivious. He had absolutely no idea of what guides him or causes him to act the way he does, because he's so completely bought his own PR. If he's yelling that he doesn't love Salome, he means it, damn it! If he says Overlords are evil, then he's the pinnacle of evil, even as he's teaming up with his so-called rival to defeat someone who actually did something bad. And those other Overlords who keep helping him are incompetent idiots or rivals, not friends!

Relatedly, Zetta is an idiot. He's easy to manipulate, trick, or confuse. He has poor temper control. He's not intellectually stupid; he's capable of tactical thinking and doesn't really suffer comprehension problems. It's a Wisdom deficit. Zetta is also subject to comic relief, which is a greater power in the Disgaea universe than any defense or statistic.

Abilities: Zetta is, literally, the strongest being in existence, with the possible exception of Tyrant Overlord Baal. He's level 2000, while the previous holder of the 'strongest in the cosmos' title, Dragon Overlord Babylon in his prime, was a mere 500. He has a mana power greater than any other beings, 'mana' being a relatively undefined statistic that appears to relate to how much innate power a creature has. His third-strongest attack is an eyebeam that atomizes the moon as an afterthought (although background damage never persists in Disgaea).

..unfortunately, he's a book at the moment, so all this power and strength does almost jack and squat. (He can still Zetta Beam like no one's business.) He has no limbs and occasionally can't even hover in midair properly.

Beyond his direct strength, Zetta is capable of confining wandering souls and spirits to mundane items. This incarnates the spirit as an extension of his mana power, making them into semi-intelligent minions under his control. Zetta can summon these minions by Inviting him, which drops them onto the field for a period of time. If he owns buildings or vehicles, he can Invite them as well.

Zetta's innate power allows him to calculate his attacks using his highest stat instead of the attack's base stat -- so in practice, spells he casts rely on his massive strength stat instead of his comparatively less impressive intelligence stat, for example.

Because his body is the Sacred Tome, wishes written in Zetta will be granted, with mana power taken from the user to power the wish. This sounds thrilling, but in fact, most wishes take so much mana power they will kill the person making the wish outright. Only beings of incredible mana power, such as Zetta and the other strongest Overlords, can make a wish without risk. Because Zetta is the tome, he also has veto power over written wishes, and can exercise this even while asleep or unconscious; wishes that don't meet his approval won't be granted.

Like most Disgaea characters, Zetta can read status screens and otherwise play a bit loose with the fourth wall.

Sample: Zetta commits atrocities. As a pony. Ignore that part.
Anything Else? He might get his body back someday? If an appropriate turn of events causes it to make a good story?

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meredy | tales of eternia

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Name: Jenna
Contact: @bevelle on plurk, PMs
Existing Characters: n/a

Name: Meredy
Species/Job/Class/Title: Celestian Craymel Engineer
Age: 16
Series: Tales of Eternia
Canon Point: After obtaining the Aifish, before returning to Inferia
History: wiki entry isn't that great, but she's there!
melnics: (?)


[personal profile] melnics 2014-03-10 09:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Personality + Weaknesses:
Meredy is energetic and fun. She has a very playful demeanor so when you first meet her, it's a bit hard to take her seriously. As the free spirited sort, she has a tendency to do whatever she feels in the heat of the moment, up to and including dancing on table tops, or messing around with equipment she finds interesting.

Meredy adopts her own energetic and enthusiastic manner of speaking, including mixing in some of her native tongue. Favourite expressions of hers tend to be "Baiba!" (wow) and "Hweel!" (cool) as well as referring to herself in the third person. She is naturally curious, and for this reason often finds herself in all sorts of situations. Personable and friendly, it's easy for her to meet new people and make friends, as she seems to be a genuinely kind individual.

With a strong sense of determination, Meredy makes her mind up quickly and acts in accordance to her own morals, even if she needs to strike out on her own to do it. This also illustrates her bravery, as she is willing to step up and see to it that the right thing is done. Although she would rather not see anyone gets hurt, she isn't so naive to think that the world's problems can be solved without conflict, suffering, and hard work either. Although she is inherently kind, Meredy isn't afraid to let someone know she thinks they're being rude, either! Upfront and honest, she doesn't hold back when she feels she has something to say, but neither does she hold grudges.

Her carefree and sometimes childish behaviour belies a modest genius underneath. Although still quite young, Meredy is the pupil of a very recognized craymel engineer in Celestia, which people are perhaps surprised to know about if they weren't already aware -- which is quite possible given how little information she offers about herself. While she does not outright lie about her past or some of the things that she knows, she tends to omit tidbits of information. Deception isn't exactly her forte however, and the more time one spends with her, the easier it is to see her seldom witnessed pensive moods.

When confronted with emotion or tragedy she tends to deny any anything is wrong at first, before eventually she's unable to continue hiding it. A party member once considered her 'strong' for continuing forward with such intense determination despite obvious discomfort. Meredy however... didn't seem to agree. She takes direct responsibility for things, often acting on the fly in order to try and accomplish her goals. Guilt or sadness that she may feel -- tend to manifest as brave, or perhaps even false, smiles.

Also not quite to her advantage, Meredy's habit of keeping important details to herself. Although she doesn't outright lie about things when asked, she tends to dodge questions and change the subject matter even if it's information that the party may benefit from. No one seems to hold it against her for very long, but her tendency to omit the truth sometimes could very well label her as untrustworthy.

Abilities + Weaknesses:
In the world of Eternia, artes (magic) are cast with the help of spirits called Craymels. The world that Meredy is native to, Celestia, houses primarily the elements of earth, ice, lightning and darkness. From her current canon point, 6 of the Greater Craymels (ruling 'deities' of their respective elements) have been obtained. For the sake of simplicity, I;m going to award Meredy with the Greater Craymels native to Celestia, Gnome (earth), Celsius (ice) and Volt (lightning).

With that, the artes that she will be able to cast are as follows:

( passive ) MENTAL CHARGE
( passive ) LIFE RESCUE
( passive ) MENTAL SUPPLY

( passive ) FREEZE GUARD

( passive ) STUN GUARD

Basic explanations for these artes can be found here.

As another one of those squishy mage types, Meredy isn't exactly meant for hand to hand combat. In fact, even when physically attacking she tends to keep her distance between herself and the enemy as Quickie closes the distance and attacks at her command. She isn't built to take hard hits and nor can she dish them out.

Quickie himself is also a weakness of hers, since she cares a great deal for him and his well-being, she can sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture when he's in danger. We see this first hand when he disappears in the tree-top village, and Meredy runs off to find him only to find herself face-to-face with a large menacing beast.

Since arriving in Celestia, Meredy seemed to be in a little higher spirits. It was nice to be back home, in a place where she didn't have to hide her origins anymore, or worry about saying or doing anything strange. Although Inferia had nice things in its own right, it just wasn't home. It felt... stuffy and confining for someone like her. There was too much worrying about being on your best behaviour or being quiet...

They had been between cities for a few nights now, and at camp, she had offered to do the cooking. She liked the idea of being able to take care of her new friends, and liberally added everything that she thought was good, or might be good, to the pot on the fire. Humming happily to herself, she stirred, shaking in some spices and whatever else they still had in their traveling satchel. Who needed the Wonder Chef? She was a natural!

"Hweel!" Meredy exclaimed, apparently satisfied, and starting to spoon the concoction into bowls. "It is ready!" she called, passing them out. "Everyone please be careful, it is very hot," once everyone was given their portion, she sat down with a large grin. "Let's dig in!" and with that announcement she watched happily as everyone took the first few bites.

It was Reid's expression that changed first, his eyes drooping down as he frowned. "What... did you put in this?" he asked, just as Farah started to cough. Tilting her head to the side, Meredy thought about it, "Meredy added a little of everything nice! All ingredients are delicious, now delicious altogether!" Wasn't that how cooking worked?

"This is awful!" Keele shouted, causing Meredy to huff. "Hey! Keele is not very nice. Meredy is a good cook!" she cried, pausing and adding as an after thought "... Probably."

Anything Else?
+ Meredy comes with a sidekick, a small furry squirrel-rabbit-something-or-other hybrid. Although receptive to basic commands, Quickie doesn't exactly interact enough to merit him being an appable character, and since he is also Meredy's main method of physically attacking, I figure there shouldn't be an issue in him coming along with her!

+ Canonically, Meredy speaks only in the language known as Melnics. The party is eventually able to communicate with her through a token called the "Orz Earring." (yep.) It's never exactly explained in the game if NPCs can understand Meredy since they don't wear earrings, but for the sake of keeping things simple the fact that she still wears hers should suffice as a translation device both ways.

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yuna | ffx + dissidia duodecim ( reserved )

[personal profile] fayth 2014-03-10 09:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Jenna
Contact: @bevelle on plurk, PM journals, etc. etc...
Existing Characters: n/a

Name: Yuna
Species/Job/Class/Title: Spiran Summoner
Age: 17
Series: Final Fantasy X + Dissidia Duodecim
Canon Point: Before reaching Gagazet in Spira, when she was then summoned away for the war between Cosmos & Chaos. Her pull is from the duodecim crew making their last stand.
fayth: (battle: defensive)


[personal profile] fayth 2014-03-10 09:43 pm (UTC)(link)
wiki style + a little extra

Personality + Weaknesses:
Despite her rather petite frame, Yuna does not back down from a challenge even with the odds stacked against her. She stands her grounds regardless of personal consequence, but in that same vein, would never consider putting her loved ones in danger. She is stubborn in the sense that she would rather attempt to carry the weight of the world on her own shoulders, then ask for help in the endeavor. If it something that she truly believes she can handle on her own, she is more inclined to keep it to herself, choosing not to involve anyone else in the matter. This trait goes so far as to become physically embodied also, when she confesses that as she grew up, when she was sad or upset, she would practice smiling.

She encourages her friends to express themselves (perhaps in her place?) openly, and in new ways as she discovers them herself. It is thanks to her new found guardian that these changes seem to start to take place, as at first she seems to be almost shocked by his need to scream out loud -- and can later be found jokingly belting out embarrassing "HA! HA! HA's" only a short while later. When someone she cares about is upset, she puts her efforts towards trying them to overcome their sadness instead. She admits that she wants her journey to be "filled with laughter."

While it's obvious that she at first seems rather introverted, recently she seems to be beginning to open up little by little, revealing a few more quirks about just what it is that drives her onward. She is polite and good natured, choosing to focus on the positives that life has to offer (even when Spira seems to be shorthanded in this aspect). Yuna cares a great deal for the people of Spira, and can think of no greater gift to give them than the one she also experienced when she was young -- the Calm. There is a memory that stays with her since her childhood -- upon the bridge in Bevelle. Everyone in the city laughing, smiling -- celebrating... in her own words, she recalls, "everyone was so happy." She wants to bestow this gift upon them as well, the same freedom her father gave them -- gave her.

Yuna possesses, and invests great faith into the people and principles around her, evidenced both by trusting her guardians with her life, and her devotion to the temple of Yevon. She is fiercely loyal, and even when confronted with earth-shattering news about her faith later on, continues to take steps in order to find out the truth for herself, as she seems unable to just so readily accept that everything she believed in was a warped version of what was real.

Yuna is described by one of her guardians as being "naive, serious to a fault, and doesn't ask for help." All of these things could be considered weaknesses as far as fighting to save the world goes. As someone that wants to see the inherent good in others, she is often very quick to trust, and could very well wind up in a questionable situation. The danger in that also lies in her inability to burden others with her troubles, so if something were to happen (say like finding out your pseudo-fiancé actually murdered his dad to get a job -- ) she becomes determined to get herself out of it, on her own.

Down that same vein, she more often than not puts the needs of others far above her own. She is even willing to take the steps to make the everyone happy not only by traveling to Zanaraknd, but also by marrying someone within the Yevonite faith. Although she doesn't say it herself, Lulu can see right through the act -- "Defeat Sin, and bring joy to the people of Spira. Get married, and bring joy to the people of Spira. For Yuna, they're just two ways down the same road."

Abilities + Weaknesses:
Yuna is a combination of a white mage & summoner. She specializes in curative magic, such as Cure and Cura (which replenish energy), Regen (which replenishes energy for a set amount of time), Esuna (which cures ailments), Shell & Protect (which act as shields for magic and physical attacks respectively). Reflect casts a protective barrier against its target, reflecting any magical damage done to them, back at the enemy for a short period of time. Dispel is an ability used to eliminate any buffing an enemy has done (will get rid of haste, protect, shell and reflect) NulShock, NulBlaze and NulTide and NulFrost each work for one round of a battle, to nullify/protect against the element they were cast against. Life is to revive a KO'd party member. She also has the ability "Pray" which allows her to heal her comrades or herself a small amount, without the spell taking very much strength from her.

After taking a certain amount of damage, Yuna gains access to a super-ability known as an "Overdrive." Her signature overdrive is known as "Grand Summon" which allows her to call forth an aeon and have them cast their own Overdrive immediately, without any need for build up.

As s poor physical striker, Yuna relies on the power of her aeons in battle. At the point in time in which she has been plucked from, she has attained five such creatures, as listed below with their capabilities.

Non-elemental aerial summon. Good speed, evade and accuracy.
Valefor hovers in the air, making her untouchable by enemies without long-range abilities or weapons. She attacks with the claws at her feet, though she is not especially strong. Capable of using lowest level Fire, Water, Ice and Thunder spells.

Sonic Wings: Slightly delays enemy's movement for a short period (one move)
Energy Canon: Her first overdrive. A built-up concentration of non-elemental magic is blasted at the enemy.
Energy Blast: Powered up version of her overdrive. She whips her hair back and forth-- I mean in a circle to build up the energy for this one.

Fire-based summon. Good strength, but magic and defenses aren't the greatest. Attacks with long claws from its hands. Can cast Fire, and it should be noted that fire magic used against him heals him. Other base abilities include NulBlaze (nullifies fire damage) and NulFrost (nullifies Ice damage, its weakness).

Meteor Strike: A meteor, roughly the size of a person maybe, is sent flying towards the enemy. Capable of penetrating Protect.
Hellfire: Overdrive move in which the enemy is sent in a firey blast into the atmosphere, then bombarded with a chunk of the earth that Ifrit throws up towards the blaze.

Thunder/lightning-based summon. Good defense stats, both magically and physically. Attacks with the horn atop its head. Capable of casting Thunder, Thundara, NulShock (nullifies thunder damage) and NulTide (nullifies water damage, its weakness).

Aerospark: Lighting infused razor discs are hurled towards the target. Removes the effects of Reflect, Shell, Protect and Haste from the enemy party.
Thor's Hammer: Ixion ensnares the enemy in a storm of lightning, rising them high in the air, then sending a massive wave of electric energy through the current towards them.

Ice-based summon. High agility and evasion stats. Attacks with ice magic; and likewise it heals her. Capable of using Blizzard, Blizzara and Blizzaga, NulFrost and NulBlaze.

Heavenly Strike: A large chuck of ice falls from the sky piercing the opponent.
Diamond Dust: A frozen gust of wind freezes the enemy in place, which Shiva shatters with a snap of her hand, causing damage.

Non-elemental summon, known to many as king of the dragons. Quite a massive figure, he attacks with his sharp claws, standing tall. Capable of casting Fire, Fira, Firaga, Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga, Water, Watera, Waterga, Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga and Scan. High Defense, Magic Defense and Strength.

Impulse: Charged ball of non-elemental energy is hurled towards the enemy.
Mega Flare: As the wheel on Bahamut's back begins to spin, energy accumulates and powers up, releasing a large blast at opponents. Arguably the strongest attack in Yuna's arsenal.

From a physical aspect, being a mage does make her more susceptible to physical damage. Summoning and spells also have a limit, Yuna isn't exactly a fountain of MP and it does run have to run out some time. Although she is not reckless, she has shown on more than one occasion that she is willing to give up her own life for the sake of the world, or her comrades alike. Although not exactly a weakness, I'm sure it'a also easy to see how that might not exactly work in her favour... heh.

1 2 3

Anything Else?
As far as Yuna's fighting abilities go there is the classic FFX flavour of summoning an aeon and having it attack/stay in the battlefield for several turns. Dissidia treats this differently in that Yuna becomes able to land single quick strikes. For RP purposes, I'm looking to utilize both of these methods, obviously within reason and keeping canon with FFX game mechanics.

And example of keeping this in check would be inability to cast other spells while the aeon is still present.

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Soma Cruz - Castlevania - Reserved

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Name: Matt
Contact: m_logan_2k2 on plurk
Existing Characters: None

Name: Soma Cruz
Species/Job/Class/Title: Human...ish
Age: 18
Series: Castlevania (Sorrow arc)
Canon Point: Game 1 endgame - specifically, the door to the final boss chamber
History: Soma Cruz on the Castlevania Wiki.

Soma was born an albino. He spent his formative years weak, sheltered, and if it hadn't been for his predatory aura, he'd probably have been bullied. As it was, he was left alone a lot - and it shows, because he tends to face things alone when he can and stand aloof from crowds. Later in life he managed to work past his physical limitations (in large part due to his dormant power), and by the point he's drawn into the castle, he's a reasonably athletic young man, but the mental scars are still there. Don't expect him to be chatty, is what I'm sayin'.

His introduction to the Power of Dominance was jarring to say the least, and his handling of it could have gone better. By the time he slowed down enough to think about it, he'd already drawn the attention of three powerful demon hunters and a certified whackjob. His dual nature doesn't help things, not least because Dracula's shade takes a moral point that's diametrically opposed to Soma's own. Fortunately he has an iron will, and he uses it constantly to battle the influence of chaos. Considering that this is not only another world entirely but Hell itself into the bargain, it's hard to say which way he'll end up leaning.

Lastly, Soma is a loyal person. He has very few friends, but the ones he does have, he'll go to insane lengths to protect. His experiences in the castle have mellowed him somewhat, true, but he's still not the most open of people at the best of times.

Physically, Soma's a teenage human with albinism. He's been weak and sickly most of his life, and only within the past few years has he actually been able to participate in any kind of sport or rigorous physical activity. More recently, his inheritance has begun to recondition his body, making it stronger, faster, more agile - a work in progress, you might say. As an artifact of bearing Dracula's memories, he's a natural with just about any weapon he cares to pick up - in Disgaea terms, ranging from C (hammers, axes) to S (swords, knives) rank.

Metaphysically, he's a freaking Swiss army knife. With over 150 unique souls in four different categories (offensive, defensive, tactical, and ability), he can generally field an effective combination for any situation. But his biggest strength is the ability to absorb new souls, granting him an ever-increasing skill set - the Power of Dominance.

His arsenal augments all of that. With weapons ranging from simple swords all the way up to relics like Claimh Solais, Excalibur, Kaladbolg, and even Death's scythe (and such exotics as an RPG, a positron rifle, and a piddling little 9mm handgun), accessories like the Soul Eater and Chaos rings, and various types of armor, it's pretty safe to say he'd make a formidable opponent for damn near anyone that chooses to fight him. Of course, this being Disgaea, there are plenty of people more powerful than he is floating about; I'd put his power level about on par with, say, D1 Etna, sans the big attacks - he has speed and versatility to make up for his lack of flash.

Here are a couple of samples. (Three links.)

Anything Else?
Soma's Power of Dominance gives him control over the souls of demons and monsters he defeats. Given that 98% of Disgaea's natural denizens are in fact demons and monsters, it's not unlikely he'll have to kill one or two hundred of them in self defense, and likely will gain some of their souls in the process. Which could mean Plot Shenanigans, down the road. He also has an insane arsenal, both in weaponry and magical terms - because of this I'm going to limit him to his own particular brand of magic, though he will potentially be able to learn weapon skills.

Personality revision

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Re: Accepted!

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Adell / Disgaea 2 / Transplant (Luceti/Mallow Hallow) / Reserved / 1/2

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Name: Triad
Contact: TriadOrion at that Plurk thing.
Existing Characters: None

Name: Adell
Species/Job/Class/Title: Demon, Demon Hunter
Age: 17 (Canon) 21 (Post-Transplant)
Series: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Canon Point: Post Canon, later transplanted from Luceti and Mallow Hallow
History: Wiki,


Adell is a man of simplicity, when you get down to it. He's bold, kind, courageous, righteous, passionate, hot-blooded and forthright. Fearless in the face of danger, Adell is quick to do what he believes is right, usually with little regard to the danger it puts him in. He also refuses to tell lies, and despises deception in any form. Unsurprisingly, Adell is outgoing and pretty open about what he thinks about matters. He can even be somewhat insensitive while voicing his opinions, but at other times, he can be startlingly understanding, and even forgiving.

He is also not one to undertake a task half-heartedly. If Adell dedicates himself to a duty he deems worthwhile, he won't take shortcuts and will give things his all. This is especially true in fights, though he will generally hold back in fights against opponents he knows are weaker or that he doesn't wish to kill: he'll fight to win, but not fight for domination unless called for. That said, on some level he appears to enjoy a good brawl, as many demons do, though he consciously denies this. More likely, Adell subconsciously appreciates the rush that fighting itself brings, not merely the act of killing or wounding others.

Moreover, not only will Adell refuse to tell lies, but he will never break a promise, either. If he promises something to someone, he'll do whatever it takes to keep it. The catch is, he's not quick to just hand out promises, and is smart enough to be careful not to make one he knows he can't keep. This intelligence, or perhaps wisdom, on his part, leads to an aspect of Adell many potential foes might not to take into account: He's smarter than he acts and looks. Fully capable of using his head and thinking through problems, Adell can actually be quite clever when the moment calls for it. Most of the time he'll stick to the direct (Read: Punching it in the face) method, but for him, that is the method that works best or fastest, especially in the Netherworld. While he is no genius, Adell's intuitive intelligence should not be overlooked.

Honor and fairness are also very notable aspects of his personality: his self code-of-conduct, his "Style," as he calls it, is a rigorous and tough set of guidelines he lives his life by. His aforementioned hatred of lies and always telling the truth are a part of this style, but other parts of it include head-on, honest, and fair fights. He won't use underhanded or dirty tricks to put down his opponent in a fight, deeming such trickery as unfair and cowardly. Additionally, Adell generally refuses to use weapons in fights, except for his fists and whatever gloves he might be wearing. He views the use of weapons as a way to get an unfair advantage on an opponent, even though he is often on the receiving end of this "unfair advantage." That said, while he may look at some warriors with disdain for relying on weapons and though he rigidly adheres to his code, he does not force others to follow his ways. He will chide them about using deception or lying, but he isn't out to make everyone follow his Style, just so long as he does.

In the past, Adell also had an intense dislike of a few things other than lies and deceit. Initially, he also disliked demons and women, being untrusting of both. His adventures over time during the events of the game slowly made him reverse his positions on both, thanks to many of his companions, but most notably Rozalin. He remains wary around most succubi, however. He is not quick to forget that lack of diligence around one caused the scars on his face.


Disgaea 2: Fist Weapon Skill Exhibition. Starts with relevant attacks. Weapon Skill names in order: Triple Strike, Tiger Charge, Lion's Roar, King of Beasts, Rising Dragon, Big Bang, and No Way Out.
Adell's Unique Special Moves

Though Adell remains quite young for a demon, younger than almost every other major character, he packs a surprising amount of punch. Pun definitely intended. Despite his young age, Adell appears to be a master of Netherworld-style unarmed combat and martial arts. This is because in his seventeen years of life in the Netherworld, most of his formative years were spent training, fighting, and getting stronger. Odds are, Adell has put more effort into getting powerful than most demons have (given the universal laziness most of them appear to possess), so his strength spiked upward very quickly. Like other demons, he possesses heightened senses, notably hearing and sight.

In combat Adell is something of a Lightning Bruiser, meaning that he hits very hard and hits very fast. Unlike the perception many have of sacrificing speed for power or defense, Adell really does neither. His strength, statisticially speaking, is on par with other Main Characters of the Disgaea franchise, and his speed is superior to the likes of Laharl, Mao, and Valvatorez. That said, his defenses are generally only above average: he has a lot of HP, average to above average Defense, and slightly below average Resistance to magic.

Adell prefers getting in close to his targets and pummeling them with an array of punches and kicks, often infused with Fire. He is skilled enough to survive scrapping like this against enemies who are actually armed. In combat, your best hope of defeating him is blasting him hard with magic, though he does carry a considerable resistance to Fire in later Disgaea games, up to about 75%, but at the cost of a slight weakness to Ice (-25%). Adell's hot-blooded determination also tends to let him deal about 25% additional damage to enemies that are higher level than he is.

As for weaknesses, most of Adell's weaknesses lay outside of combat. Being so honest and straightforward means he doesn't excel in any form of trickery, and that means many times he's something of a blunt instrument. Though he can be sharp enough to eventually pick up being deceived, he has his blockheaded moments of falling for stupid lies (of course making a deal with a succubus will get you what you want. Of course that random guy Rozalin pointed out is her father). Just beware his wrath if he does figure out he's being tricked. His other weaknesses include his hot-blooded temper, and his refusal to break promises; both can be exploited, but the danger will come in dealing with his boundless determination to do what's just his style.


A temporary reunion in a dimensional prison...

Anything Else? As Adell is a transplant sharing the canon over the course of two games, he has four years of RP history and memories behind him. As such, it is possible, and perhaps likely, he may know characters he otherwise shouldn't. If there is an issue with playing him this way, I am open and extremely flexible to have memories of that character be mutable: muddy, clear, or omitted entirely.

He has been ripped through time and space more than once. Who knows what kind of effect it might have on his mind?
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Adell / Disgaea 2 / Transplant (Luceti/Mallow Hallow) / Reserved / 2/2

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Previous Game: Luceti, then Mallow Hallow (from which he was a transplant from Luceti)

Game History & Personality:


Adell spent about three and a half years in the interdimensional trap that was known as Luceti, followed by almost six months in another, known as Mallow Hallow.

Luceti had the much greater influence on Adell's personality, and not simply due to his length of time there. By nature, Luceti was a place where people in the Multiverse ended up, by virtue of a phenomenon known as a Natural Shift. No one knew how exactly they worked, but it tore people from their own dimensions and universes into a specific nexus world, which was run by a corrupt scientific organization known as the Malnosso. When universal transplants ended up in that world, they were quickly deposited into an enclosure, equipped with a village and provided supplies... and for quite a long time, those in the enclosures were subject to experiments by the Malnosso, which ranged from horrific to benign... to outright bizzare. Part of the experimental atmosphere were indestructable droids that would occasionally, and often violently kidnap, whoever they pleased for experiments outside the enclosure. Most returned, and often with injuries, being drugged, or both.

This was the environment Adell lived in, one of the enclosures. Trapped with hundreds of others, most from completely different universes. As such, he was exposed to a lot of new ideas, a lot of new world views, and bushels of other heroes; and with them, plenty of inspirational thoughts and ideas that helped him mature quickly. Unfortunately, the air inside the enclosure was one of frustration and general helplessness. For all of his power and strength, the barrier around the enclosure was indestructable, and the experiments, some of which involved warping minds, were unavoidable. For all of his iron will and hot-blooded determination, his mind and memories were fiddled with more than once, and it hit uncomfortably close to home regarding the Overlord's Curse on Veldime. Many months were spent here, dealing with experiments as best as he could, but he was rarely alone for much of it. Early in his stay, he joined a village organized militia, known as the Blue Rogues. Meant to protect the people and keep the peace, the Blue Rogues fought against threats from within and without... and it was an organization that Adell eventually headed himself, once its original leader was Shifted out of the nexus world.

Eventually, the experiments eased, and more of the truth beyond the barriers emerged: the Malnosso were engaged in an endless war against a band of cultists known as the Third Party. Due to the nature of the nexus world, death was not permenant: premature death resulted in one coming back a week later with some sort of aspect of themselves missing, and natural death caused one to return to life in the state they entered the nexus world in with all memories of their previous life intact. The Third Party cultists sought to destroy this cycle with rituals believed to bring about permenant death. It was a war the Malnosso were slowly losing, and desperation enough resulted in the Malnosso using the powerful subjects in the Luceti enclosure as soldiers in specific battles against the Third Party. Adell participated in several of these, and even volunteered a couple of times. The cultists, especially their Elites, proved strong enough to be a challenge even for Adell, but every battle he came back from proved to be some sort of victory.

But more and more of the Malnosso Adell learned about, the more disillusioned he became. Elements of the organization might've had their hearts in the right place, but much of it was corrupt and ruthless, looking to use any means necessary to survive. Some in the Organization insisted such measures were the only reason they even still existed. But Adell was disgusted by their desire to keep everyone in the dark about what was really going on when it was clear the Enclosures had the power to help if there was some transparency and trust that could be built up. Of course, it didn't. And it hadn't gotten much better by the time he was transported out of the enclosure by another Natural Shift, only to end up in another universe, known as Mallow Hallow.

His time in Mallow Hallow was much shorter, by comparison. He arrived in a central town, and was taken before the realm's royalty and given a short explanation about what was going on. After a rather unfortunate discussion, it ended with him thrown out a window, but otherwise fine. He had been assigned a district to live in, one of high technology. Burned out and still bitter about his time in Luceti, Adell moved there and lived peacefully, aside from the more eccentric goings-on in the region. It was a more relaxed existence than what he had in Luceti, but many of his experiences there still dogged him, and a part of him wanted nothing more than to get back to the Netherworld.

...Looks like he might get what he was asking for. Just in the most backward way possible.

Personality/Power Differences

Most of Adell's personality changes come from Luceti. The short version is this version of Adell is more battle-hardened, more cynical and bitter, and somewhat more distant, but also calmer, more collected, stronger, and smarter. His hot-blooded righteousness still runs deep, but his temper is much less hair-trigger. In many ways, this version of Adell is considerably more mature and grown-up than his direct canon counterpart. He is also much more in tune with his own emotions, and more so in touch with others'; he is able to better discern how he feels about people, having experienced much deeper friendship and love with others outside of Veldime.

Battle-hardness and cynicism come from the attitude of the Malnosso during his time in Luceti. Both due to the numerous drafted battles he was placed in, and the number of experiments he endured. Some were relatively benign, like dealing with a haunted, toothy, invincible piano, but others left deeper scars, such as being tortured and genetically experimented on, having his entire history and memory temporarily rewritten to think he had always been part of the nexus world, or being bodily transformed into people he loved. At first, burning anger was usually his response to such things, but as time marched on, pointless rage with nothing to let it out on did him little good. Instead, he learned to cool that anger and put it to use for other purposes, but it left him bitter and spiteful toward the Malnosso in particular. He distrusted most of them and held contempt for most of their policies, a feeling that only grew over time, to the point that the only reason Adell agreed to fight in the drafts was to protect the innocent people in the nexus world not affiliated with the Malnosso. This cynicism bled into other aspects of his life, but more subtly than that, usually causing him to question people in charge of things and whether or not they were really concerned about public good.

His increased strength and power (basically, his higher level) can be equated to the continual rigorous training he put himself through. Never stopping his training regimens from Veldime, Adell practiced his fighting and martial arts for hours daily. His training only intensified when the holodeck-like Battle Dome was installed in Luceti, giving him access to foes from many different universes, as well as his own. Though he gained no additional Mana power from the simulations and sparring he undertook, his skill and strength was magnified. Where he gained his additional Mana energy was in the battles with Third Party cultists and Cultist Elites, the latter of which were easily as strong as demons in the Netherworld. Through all of his experience, he has adjusted his fighting style to be more complex and less predictable based on the enemies he has fought and the new techniques he has seen. Thus, his level, his skill, and his composure in battle all rose dramatically. Though he was already a force to be reckoned with at the end of Disgaea 2, Adell has become a more dangerous foe than ever.

Emotionally, friendships and more have played a big part in Adell's behavioral evolution. During his years in Luceti he befriended dozens of people, and acquainted with dozens more. Some left a lasting impact on him: his deep friendship with Terra Branford and their common trait of being not entirely human made him feel much more comfortable about his identity as a demon, for example. Thanks in part of that, Adell doesn't bother hiding what he is if asked; if anyone has a problem with him being a demon, he'll win them over with good character, like he did with the vampire hunter Simon Belmont. Even beyond greater comfort in his identity, close and intimate ties with several people helped him mature, grow up, and even find something of an adopted family.

For an extended period during his stay in Luceti, he lived in a house with numerous other people, notably the family headed by Remilia Scarlet. Remilia, her sister Flandre, their maid Sakuya, gatekeeper Meiling, librarian Patchouli, and assistant Koakuma, along with other people he was close to: notably Charlotte Hazelrink, Luka Megurine, and oddly enough, his own Mom. This family life was chaotic, but he found it to his liking a lot, and grew very close to all of them. Luka and Charlotte proved especially important in his development: the former, a Vocaloid (a singing android), whom Adell acted as her manager/master, and Charlotte, a close friend, later love interest and eventual girlfriend. Charlotte's influence on Adell was straightforward enough. As his girlfriend and a Love Freak that Flonne would adore, Charlotte helped buff out Adell's rougher edges as an individual, inadvertantly helping to calm his temper and be more patient, at least where the Malnosso were not concerned.

Luka was more complicated and a longer term project. As her Master/Producer, it was his responsibility to oversee her musical talents and as it turned out, help her unique AI develop into something more humanlike. Rather than mimic human emotion, help her to simulate it, to feel it herself. Unfortunately, Adell was unable to really bring this change about; Luka just felt like she was malfunctioning and broken, and Adell felt ultimately he did more harm than good to her in the long run. Though Luka herself would be the first to say he was wrong about that, Adell ultimately viewed the results as his greatest failure. He cared for the Vocaloid extremely deeply, but he felt like he let her down. This failure shook his confidence somewhat, and still haunts him even today, wondering what would've happened if he had been successful before she was Shifted from the enclosure. Though fate wasn't done with him on the matter yet.

Another Luka appeared eventually; this time not a Vocaloid. A younger, more bookish Luka Megurine, but one that was decidedly human. Adell never told her about the previous Luka he knew, but when the fates had him saving her from a monster in the village, he found himself acting as her protector and roommate. He took her under his wing and did his best for her too, especially as she had accepted who he was as a demon, and had cared for him selflessly while he was both injured and recovering from a DNA splicing experiment.

Being close to people in Luceti was not always the best idea, especially as the Natural Shifts that moved people in and out of the Nexus World were fickle. Most of his new family vanished almost overnight at one point, starting with the Scarlet family. Soon, one by one, the others in his formerly crowded home vanished one by one, until Vocaloid Luka Charlotte as well. The impact of losing so many people back to the infinite space of the multiverse shook him deeply, and left him with a deep emptiness and loneliness that caused him to become more withdrawn and distant from people, slowing the rate at which he sought out new friendships considerably. It was only made worse when his circle of friends and people he cared about continued to shrink and shrink over time due to the Shifts. This trait especially dogged him all the way through his time at Mallow Hallow... even though he again met up with the human version of Luka there.

Overall, at his very heart, Adell is still the same righteous, just, honest, and forthright man he used to be. But closer to the surface, what once was a hot, freshly forged blade is now tempered, cooled, and sharpened. More patient, more reserved, and more intelligent, backed with a greater amount of power.

Adell is a demon grown up by the age of 21.

Re: Accepted!

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Valvatorez / Disgaea 4 / Reserved / 1 of 1

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Name: Triad
Contact: TriadOrion at the plurkamajig
Existing Characters: N/A

Name: Valvatorez
Species/Job/Class/Title: Demon / Prinny Instructor
Age: 2,542
Series: Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten
Canon Point: Post-Canon, Pre-Postlude
History: Wiki
Personality: Valvatorez is quite an anamoly in demon society: unlike most demons, who are frequently lazy, unmotivated, and generally selfish, he can be very duty-driven, hard-working, and sometimes even selfless. He is also, perhaps surprisingly, bombastic, dramatic, eccentric and gullible, and somewhat prone to not thinking through his actions, especially the potential long term consequences.

However, the most important, notable aspect of Valvatorez is that he has a very strong sense of pride and dignity. His pride is the very driving point of much of his escapades during the course of A Promise Unforgotten: the whole conspiracy in the story begins unravelling because of his pride as a demon being challenged by someone trying to stop him from fulfilling a promise me made to the Prinnies he was instructing. He holds himself to a very high standard in all of his pride as well, which is at the source of his hard-working and duty-driven nature. Any task Valvatorez undertakes therefore, he never does half way. Anything less would be unacceptable to him.

That said, the singular biggest point of pride Valvatorez holds above all others is that he will never break a promise given to anyone, regardless of reason, no matter how long it has been since he made it. He will do his best at all times to uphold his end of any promise, viewing this to be as close to a sacred duty that a demon possibly can. He holds his promises in such high regard he ends up rebelling against the established "Corrupterment," or the government of his Netherworld, because they simply tried to get him to break a promise to Prinnies, which are viewed as the lowest of the low on the Netherworld totem pole. One may ask why Valvatorez would go to such extremes, when so many other demons would look at promises as worthless or an afterthought, especially to what amounts to the doormats of the Netherworld.

400 years prior to the events of Disgaea 4, Valvatorez made a promise that would forever change his life. While he was at the height of his power as a Tyrant lord, he visited the Human World and encountered a human woman named Artina. A pure soul, kind and compassionate, Artina was a nurse who served during a time of war, but treated anyone injured, regardless of their affiliation in the war. The woman oddly showed no fear to Valvatorez when they met, and even offered her blood to him instead of drinking from others. He was immediately intrigued and interested in this woman, but refused to drink blood until he had shown her true fear, and dragged her into the depths of despair. Oddly, his promise wasn't threatening or mean-spirited in the slightest, which Artina found very strange, but endearing. The two spent an unknown amount of time together, but it is heavily implied they were very close. However, during a time the Tyrant was absent, Artina was executed for treason for treating an enemy officer. Valvatorez was driven to despair by this discovery, devestated that he failed in keeping his promise: to scare her, to show her true fear no matter how long it took. From that point on, he understood the weight of making a promise, and made it his duty never to allow something like that to happen again. His first step toward keeping that duty was to keep the promise he made to Artina: he stopped drinking human blood entirely.

Keeping this promise cost Valvatorez nearly everything, his status, his power, his wealth, and left him with no other choice but to accept the least-desired job in the Netherworld: that of a Prinny Instructor. The only things he had left were his wounded pride, his life, and his faithful steward, Fenrich. Unsurprisingly, though Valvatorez makes no secret about his refusal to drink human blood, Artina remained a very sore, sensitive subject even centuries later. Needless to say, this means Valvatorez will keep a promise no matter the cost to himself, no matter how unreasonable or unrealistic it may be.

This goes into his sense of duty: Almost everything has a role to play, a duty to perform, somehow, someway, and Valvatorez is a strong believer in doing just that. He takes his role as Prinny Instructor very, very seriously, and he enjoys his work, preparing the souls of the damned for a long, brutal time to work off their sins. In fact, his tendency to instruct, teach, and mentor extends well beyond Prinnies. He offers guidance, advice, and even prods others to better themselves frequently, especially his comrades, Emizel and Desco.

He is also a firm believer that demons, humans, and angels all have their places in the universe and that they should stick to them. What causes Valvatorez to continue his campaign beyond the Netherworld is the discovery that demons were not doing their jobs: instilling fear of the darkness in humans. In response, humans became unafraid of demons and the darkness, and feared themselves more. To Valvatorez, this imbalance in the universe's harmony was utterly unacceptable and he took it upon himself to re-educate the Netherworld and the Human World about their proper places. This is no small undertaking, to say the least, yet Valvatorez declared it his personal mission, which he takes very seriously. Any human who steps outside of their place in the universe is quick to earn his contempt, especially those who would try to twist demons, and perhaps even angels, to their control.

Beyond his devotion to duty and belief in hard work, he generally thinks of humans as slightly beneath him, though this is mostly due to traditional demon society taking this view by and large. Honestly, the view is possibly token to some degree, considering Valvatorez's job is to literally help sinful human souls find redemption through working off their sins so they can reincarnate at the Red Moon. Valvatorez effectively sees humanity at some of its worst: he deals with all the murderers, thieves, traitors, and everything in between. And despite that, he sees all souls as redeemable: there is no sin, no matter how great, that cannot be paid back. ...Even if it takes a very, very long time. Why he takes this viewpoint is anyone's guess, whether it is simply because it is the way of things, or if Artina and her pure heart somehow influenced him centuries ago.

Despite all of this duty, power, dignity, and pride Valvatorez has, he has proven himself to be remarkably gullible and eccentric. He seems to have a poor ability to doubt much of anything he hears, especially when it comes from his steward, Fenrich. A good example of this is when Fenrich lies about Warden Axel's position in the Hades Rebellion. Fenrich lied to Corrupterment Officials, stating Axel ordered he and Valvatorez to rebel and save the Prinnies, when Axel was the one who gave the go ahead order to exterminate them. Valvatorez himself actually believed his steward's lie, expressing great pleasure and surprise at Axel's apparent change of heart, no matter how ridiculous the idea was. Valvatorez proves a handful of other times that his ability to be skeptical of others is somewhat poor. He has his moments of clarity and will not necessarily fall for all ruses, especially not during the utmost of serious times, but otherwise, he is likely to be duped by even simple ruses.

Adding to that, he has a very eccentric manner of thinking, specifically his likelihood of getting obsessed over some things, many of them trivial or unimportant. His trademark obsession, and one he is likely never to be rid of, is his love of sardines. Yes, the little fish that swim in the ocean and are frequently found tinned. Valvatorez discovered through a human scientific study that sardines possess massive health benefit potential, and since then has taken to eating them religiously. He claims that sardines have allowed him to regain some of the power he lost from his Tyrant days, as they seem to be his replacement for human blood. He will gladly talk peoples' ears off about the benefits these fish will give them in their diet, as well as rattling off hundreds of bits of useless trivia about them. Other characters generally view this behavior as strange, but most of them simply put up with it or ignore it. Regardless, Valvatorez doesn't care if other people think he's crazy. He thinks they're crazy for missing out on what is obviously a very important super-food that could strengthen even the weakest person.

His tendency to obsess comes into play in other ways as well, such as becoming enraged at a typo in a newspaper and demanding to siege the complaint department of the newspaper to get it fixed. This was not a one off incident, either. The typo and getting it fixed came up later while they were on an important mission to the same location, with Valvatorez seemingly forgetting why they were actually there. Another is his utter insistance on being ridiculously early to any meetings he arranges; he attempts to be more than two hours early to a designated meeting with Fuka, because he always insists on being the first one present.

Rounding out these little oddities about him is that he tends to speak boldly, confidently, and with a sense of flair and drama. He frequently flourishes his cape around in a dramatic fashion to punctuate points or make declarations. Some of these declarations are serious, many of them tend to be very silly, but regardless of their content, Valvatorez will almost always make his declarations in an over-the-top sort of way. Nobody's really sure why, he just does.

Ultimately, Valvatorez is a rather unique, colorful specimen amongst demons. Despite being both a demon and a vampire, he is not especially evil, short of the "necessary" evil that demons' role in the universe is supposed to be. His silly, often over the top theatrics make it easy to underestimate or dismiss the former Tyrant as harmless or weak. However, when pushed to action or if his pride is on the line, Valvatorez becomes a true, nearly unstoppable force to be reckoned with.


Sword Skills
Unique Skills

Valvatorez was once a powerful Vampire demon of the Tyrant level, estimated to be at least Level 4000. "Tyrant" is a rare rank amongst the demon heirarchy and represents only the most powerful and fearsome of demons, and usually implies them to work alone. As a Vampire, Valvatorez drew much of his power from feeding on the blood of humans, which bolstered his already remarkable strength. But when he made his promise to a young girl Artina, to not drink blood until he showed her fear and despair, he unwittingly set himself up for his fall from power. When Artina died before he kept his promise to her, he continued refusing to drink the blood of humans, which weakened him considerably, to the point where he faded into something of a storybook tale.

Valvatorez, therefore, does not possess the full, raw power of domination he used to have. However, even without the blood of humans aiding him, he has regained (thanks to sardines, apparently) a considerable portion of his strength: he is strong enough to tear through the Netherworld with his companions to overthrow its government, crush Human weapons designed expressly to kill demons, thwart a group of aliens bent on destroying Earth, defeat a genetically engineered "Final Boss," and even destroy a machine devised by God to eliminate Humanity if their malice grew too strong. Fear the Great, as that system was known, had never been thwarted before in history, yet Valvatorez and his companions drew the strength to do what was considered impossible.

As such, it is safe to say, even without his full power, Valvatorez remains an extremely powerful force to be reckoned with. Despite his small, rail-thin frame, the former Tyrant still possesses a supernatural might that would allow him to compete with some of the most powerful fighters in the Netherverse. His durability is also remarkable, taking blows from powerful foes and keeping on trucking. He also possesses an innate ability to temporarily grow a bit stronger for every foe he defeats in a single battle. This boost is in offensive strength only, and will only last a short time.

Generally speaking, Valvatorez would be a fairly overwhelming opponent in a direct, head-on fight. Not impossible to defeat, but those who are relatively mundane or don't possess powerful magic or weapons may find it difficult even injuring him. He is also unaffected by traditional vampire weaknesses. He's not turned by crosses, garlic, or holy water (unless said holy water is genuinely magical and weaponized to hurt demons, like in Castlevania games), and sunlight has no affect whatsoever on him. Stakes have no special effect on him, but if someone manages to actually drive one into him, it would hurt him same as a stab wound. Holy weapons do not really exist in Disgaea, and they would only gain additional effect on a case by case basis.

For example, The Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane from the Legend of Zelda, wouldn't necessarily gain additional damage against Valvatorez because he's not traditionally evil, but it would still hurt due to its raw might as a weapon. However, the Vampire Killer whip from Castlevania could severely hurt him due to it being made to slay vampires and demons specifically.

However, he does possess a weakness to fire, though he resists ice and water spells.

Sample: Sample Post w/threads

Anything Else? Tell RosenQueen if they raise the prices of sardines when he hits town, there's going to be Hades to pay.
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General Iroh - Avatar: the Last Airbender - Not Reserved - 1/1

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Name: Althea
Contact: sakurasummons @ plurk
Existing Characters: None

Name: General Iroh
Species/Job/Class/Title: Human/Tea Shop Owner/ex-Crown Prince and General
Age: Old enough to play Pai Sho 64
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Canon Point: Book 3, Chapter 6 "The Avatar and the Fire Lord"
History: The Dragon of the West
Personality: When looking at Iroh, there are more levels to him than immediately meets the eye. He was once the most skilled and respected general in the Fire Nation army, as well as the crown prince. And yet, at the height of his 600 day siege of the impregnable Ba Sing Se, he abandoned his assault and his career. His son had perished on the front lines and fighting no longer held any meaning for him. He was, forever and profoundly changed. He will admit that he is no longer the man he once was, and everything he is now is shaped and colored by the loss of his beloved Lu Ten.

At first color, one will take him as a jolly, laidback senior citizen who seems content to simply live and enjoy life- almost a hedonist. In many ways this is true. Iroh takes joy in simple pleasures, such as a cup of tea, fine music or a rousing game of Pai Sho. He is determined to face each day and live it to its fullest. He's prone to irritating his nephew Zuko by his unconcerned and cheerful outlook on everything. While Zuko is hunting for the avatar in his determination to reclaim his honor, Iroh is napping, organizing a music night for the crew, eating roast duck, drinking tea and playing board games. Also of note, Iroh is a flirt, regardless of the age of the young lady in question. It's always mild and delivered as simple compliments, but he does appreciate a lovely lady.

And yet Iroh uses this as a front to his deeper side. He often speaks in proverbs, revealing a far deeper wisdom and presence of mind than his tsungi horn playing would imply. Persistent in his advice giving, he attempts to guide his hot-headed nephew by calm and yet life-loving example. He knows all too well how precious and short life is and how important it is to walk a path you create for yourself. He understands what it means to live a life with honor, and how to find hope, even in the darkest times. When forced into exile, he calmly accepts his diminished life with dignity, claiming not to need things he knows Zuko has stolen, as there is honor to be found in a life of poverty, as well as in a palace.

A hard learned lesson for Iroh is that of balance. He accepts that for the world to be at peace, all the elements and each person, needs to establish balance within themselves and the world around them. To remove an element, or a people, would throw the world in disarray. He will staunchly defend the cause of balance, as he threatens tenfold punishment on Zhao if he harms the spirit of the moon. He attempts to instruct Zuko in the theory of balance as well, that much good can be found in each of the elements. This is the philosophy of the White Lotus, of which he has arisen to the rank of Grand Lotus. He holds a deep respect for the spirits and is the only other character in the series to see the spirit of Fang, Avatar Roku's dragon, aside from Aang himself.

Time and time again, Iroh also proves himself to be both intelligent, cunning and crafty, even in such times he appears to not have a care in the world. This is obviously borne out as he is the only soul to have ever breached the outer wall of Ba Sing Se. But beyond that, he's well educated, familiar with different cultures, basic botany, and music. He uses his wiles to escape capture by the Rough Riders, to feign insanity and stage his escape from prison, and to outwit Zhao by sneaking Zuko onboard the admiral's ship. He is a keen strategist and remarkably capable to think and plan on the fly, as well as in advance. He makes a study of other benders and finds ways to apply their methods to increase his firebending capabilities.

Perhaps of the greatest importance, he has established a personal philosophy of non-aggression. His bending is fueled from the understanding that fire is life and energy, not the rage and anger typically employed by the others of his nation. He abandons the war his family, and he himself, waged for 100 years. Only once does he ever actively attack the avatar, and beyond that, he will only use his bending to defend himself or others, or as necessity demands. When facing his nephew and niece in Ba Sing Se, once he has accomplished Katara and Aang's escape, he ceases fighting and allows himself to be taken peaceably. It is not that he will not fight, it is that he will not go beyond what is necessary. His reclaiming of the Earth Kingdom during Sozin's Comet is not motivated by self gain, and in fact he outright refuses his birthright before hand, but as a way to begin to reclaim his country's honor by restoring balance that was stolen by his family's lust for more power.

Firebending: Iroh is a remarkable firebender and is possibly one of the only ones who might have stood a chance at defeating Ozai, had Aang failed to do so. His techniques were learned from dragons, and thus he understands that firebending is sourced from the sun and from life, rather than fueled by rage or hate. This permits him not only to breathe fire, but also generate lightning. He has also learned to redirect lightning from studying the forms of waterbenders. Celestial beings, such as Sozin's Comet, can dramatically increase the power of his bending.

Teabending: Iroh is a tea making afficianado. He's made a study of both the brewing and enjoyment of tea. As such, he's also an amateur botanist, recognizing plants that are suitable for teamaking... most of the time. Once in a while, he just poisons himself instead.

Pai Shobending: Pai Sho is a popular, if somewhat difficult, strategy game in Iroh's world, and he is an expert of the game. He employs unique tactics in his playing style, based around the often underestimated White Lotus tile. Not only does he understand the intricate nuances of the game itself, he also knows the secret behind the White Lotus, which is a group of old people individuals from around the world dedicated to the principles of balance. Among his other recreational hobbies that Iroh excels at are singing and the playing of the tsungi horn.

Awesomebending: As the once leading General of the Fire Nation, and the only person to ever breach the outer wall of Ba Sing Se, Iroh is a remarkable warrior and a cunning strategist. Despite his facade of just being a jolly stupid old man, he's a quick thinker and sneaky when necessary, like when he feigns being in pain while in the captivity of the Rough Riders, only to break free. He also possesses remarkable leadership skills, as was fitting to the once crown prince of his nation, which encourages people to follow his lead and direction, as well as seek his advice and wisdom.

One of his greatest strengths is not the brilliant strategist, nor the powerful mastery of firebending. It is his resilience in the face of grief. While some people see his removal from the siege as a great weakness, buckling from his personal loss, it takes remarkable strength of character to choose a different path, a better path, from the one walked before. That he does not live his life in ongoing mourning, but instead embraces life and all it offers- bestowing love on a nephew who resists him, showing kindness to those who potentially mean him harm- all these are the strength of an unbreakable spirit.

Weaknesses: As with all other firebenders, his bending is at its weakest during the night and gone entirely during a solar eclipse. He is also not so adept with plant identification- he doesn't escape the occasional poisoning by attempting to make tea with an iffy plant. He also has a remarkably bad habit of doing things in his own dear sweet time with no respect for the urgency of those around him, indulging in naps, music night, or polishing off a bowl of roast duck when he's wanted for other tasks. (Really it's intentional nine times out of ten, but it does quite earn him a reputation for being lazy.) His greatest weakness is his unwavering faith in his nephew, even when Zuko has proven time and time again to disappoint or betray. Iroh loves the boy like his own son and will go to remarkable lengths to preserve their relationship, even when it is at personal detriment to himself.


I hope this letter finds you well. Now that my teashop is open again, business is booming. We have so many customers who want to see me. Of course, the tea is excellent but it seems people are curious to know more about the grand lotus. I wonder who told them about that.

Jin came by the shop this week and was asking about you. I did not tell her you are the Fire Lord now, but she seemed very disappointed not to find you here. Perhaps you could write the young lady a nice letter so she does not worry so much about you. You could also put in a good word for your uncle. She's very pretty, you know.

I know that you cannot come to visit for a long time. Being a leader is hard work, and to rule a nation harder still. But I believe in you. Everything that you learned and fought for has given you the strength and the skills to be an exceptional Fire Lord, and an exceptional young man.

I have enclosed my newest blend of tea. It is very popular here. I call it "the ginger dragon". The color is very nice when brewed properly. Think of your old uncle when you make it and remember not to let it steep too long. Subtlety of flavor is best enjoyed in a calm setting.

With warm affection,

Anything Else? He's an incurable flirt. Hide yer daughters, hide yer wives!
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Zuko - Avatar: The Last Airbender - Reserved

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Name: Yinza
Contact: [ profile] yinza
Existing Characters: Laharl

Name: Zuko
Species/Job/Class/Title: Human / (former) Crown Prince
Age: 16
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Canon Point: Immediately following the Day of Black Sun, before joining Team Avatar.
History: Zuko on the Avatar wiki.
Zuko is characterized by his mother as "someone who keeps fighting, even though it's hard," and that has continued as one of his defining traits. His life has been a constant struggle to prove his own worth and to come to his own understanding of right and wrong. Zuko will pursue a goal with passionate determination regardless of how hopeless or impossible it might seem, and he is willing to use extreme methods to achieve it. Consequently he is stubborn and difficult to dissuade once he has set his mind on something. In the past, he would also adamantly refuse aid, believing that a strong person needed to do things on his own. He has come to realize that accepting help does not make a person weak, although he can still be reluctant about it in certain situations.

He is hot-headed and reactive, and tends to run headlong into situations without thinking through an exit plan. Iroh's counsel has begun to curb his rash behavior, but he can still be goaded into it with relative ease. He has proven himself clever in coming up with solutions to immediate obstacles or using situations to his temporary advantage, but has difficulty planning for the long-term.

He struggles with a low self-esteem, first built up by years of being the unwanted son and now maintained by the guilt he feels over his mistakes. His greatest fear is that he will one day slip down the wrong path again, and become like his father. These concerns make him much more serious-minded than Team Avatar, and can also make him sensitive and defensive about perceived insults. Despite his determination, he is often pessimistic, expecting to have to struggle through situations rather than reach his goal with ease. His good moods are somewhat rare, as is any humor beyond sarcasm, although both can be coaxed out of him by people he cares about.

Despite appearances, he has a compassionate heart. This first showed itself as a love for his people and a refusal to sacrifice them in war, and is also shown when he places the lives of his uncle and his crew over his goal of capturing the Avatar. During his time as a fugitive in the Earth Kingdom, he further came to feel a sympathy for a people he had once seen as his enemy. Unlike his ruthless father and sister, Zuko is someone who will defend the weak and show mercy to his enemies.

The experiences of his upbringing and banishment provided him with few opportunities to interact normally with people, especially people his own age, and have left him socially awkward. He feels more at ease giving orders or discussing battle plans than carrying on a casual conversation. Although known for his loud outbursts, he becomes taciturn when conversing with strangers or makes awkward non sequiturs. When completely at a loss, he is liable to fall back on things he thinks his uncle might say. Very much unlike his sister, he doesn't read people very well, and expects their reactions to be similar to his own if he were in their position.

Firebending - The ability to create and manipulate fire. Zuko is not yet a master firebender, although he has the potential to be; by the end of the series, only the most advanced techniques such as lightning generation are beyond him. At this point, he has begun experimenting with and incorporating techniques from the other bending arts into his own, but he has not yet broken with the anger-fueled and militaristic style of firebending currently taught in the Fire Nation.

Dual Dao Swords - Although he struggled to learn firebending, Zuko seems to have a natural talent with swords. He trained with Master Piandao while still in the Fire Nation, and he is shown from the start to wield them with ease, as if they were extensions of his own body.

Unarmed Combat - While not as skilled as his sister, Zuko is still well above average, and capable of evading or even disarming other opponents. Many firebending forms translate well to non-bending attacks.

Stealth - Zuko can conceal himself when he needs to, as shown when he infiltrates both a heavily-guarded Fire Nation fortress and the Dai Li headquarters without being detected.

Dependence on Sunlight - Like all firebenders, Zuko's firebending is weaker at night and completely absent in events like a solar eclipse. Considering how dark it is in the Netherworld in general, his ability will probably be somewhat weaker here. He does, however, appear to have overcome the standard weakness to cold, and can still firebend in freezing temperatures.

Self-Doubt - Zuko struggles constantly with knowing and doing the right thing. At this point in canon, he has not really had the chance to prove himself, and although he wants to do the right thing, he will be shaky on what and how to accomplish that, especially when thrust into a completely unfamiliar situation.

Poor People Skills - Zuko has just never gotten along well with most people. He is quick to anger and slow to comprehend other people's feelings and motivations.

Sample: (Nnnnooot sure if girl Zuko counts, so have this also:)

Zuko had been in this strange place for several hours now and managed to determine very little about it. He could bend, so it wasn't the Spirit World, but it definitely wasn't any part of the nations he knew. The few answers he got from the people here (if they could be called that) only left him more confused than before. He didn't know what a 'Netherworld' or a 'Dimensional Gate' was. All he understood was that it wasn't home, and no one here knew the way back.

That was far more frustrating than not understanding where he was. He could go for the rest of his life dismissing all of this as some crazy dream, if only he could get home again. He had to find the Avatar! For the right reasons this time, so he could help to set things on the right path, and, maybe, redeem himself to his uncle.

But what good did it do for him to realize what he should be doing if he couldn't do any of it? The longer he stayed here, the more it felt like he was standing by and letting everything go wrong back home. He knew that not everything depended on him, but he was certain that he had a role to play. If the world could get by so easily without him, then he didn't understand why it had had to put him through so much.

Zuko found himself glaring at the so-called gate again, as though that alone could force it to open a path for him. But maybe the gatekeeper, as nice as she seemed, hadn't told him the whole truth. Maybe by walking through that portal, he could still make something happen. He just couldn't accept that there was nothing he could do. There was too much at stake.

Anything Else? Oh god pronouns.

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Kururu - Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog - Reserved - 1/2

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Name: CC
Contact: Just PM the journal for now.
Existing Characters: N/A

Name: Kururu
Species/Job/Class/Title: Keronian/Sgt. Major
Age: ???
Series: Keroro Gunsou/Sgt. Frog
Canon Point: Post Volume 24
History: On a far off planet that is green with numerous star-shaped clouds, which is called Keron, the tale of Kururu begins when he was just a wee tadpole. He was not quite sociable, but he liked finding things and playing around with them like most any tinkerer would. However, one fateful day, he found a device called a Kero Ball. It was a device that was only given to leader officers in the Keron military (which we later find out was "borrowed" by one of the other main characters, but that's not important) and so, like any curious child would, Kururu decided to tinker around with it. Turns out it had some other tadpole kids inside, so he figured out how to let them out of their prison of trials and tests that we won't get into because, once again, it's not important. In exchange for the help, Kururu wanted a big plate of curry, as it was his favorite dish ever. Unfortunately, the Kero Ball malfunctioned and created a gigantic plate of curry which landed right on top of the poor tadpole, trapping him whole in curry. The other tadpoles, flipping out from what happened, ran off and left Kururu to his own means. This caused a reaction in Kururu, turning him from a blue skinned, mildly annoying tadpole into the gigantic yellow jerky genius he is now, and it was all his future commanding officer's fault.

But apparently, that does not matter to him, since he ends up joining the Keronian military (by swiftly crippling their military data network and hacking everything) and being put on the same platoon as the tadpoles he met. And so Kururu, along with Keroro the commanding officer, Giroro the weapons specialist, Tamama the promising young private and some ninja frog no one ever seems to remember (aka Dororo), set off as the preliminary invasion force to invade our wonderful planet of Earth, which they call Pekopon. They came down from the heavens, covering the sky. The cruel and heartless invaders, the fleeing people, the significant difference in technology! The armed forces were overwhelmed and fell. And then the planet fell to their new rulers... Or at least that's how it was supposed to be.

Unfortunately, the captain was dumb and was captured by a couple of kids, and thus the military turned tail and abandoned the platoon. When Kururu learned of this, he started his own plan to continue the invasion, targeting a nearby middle school to take as a base. However, in a slight twist of events, he met a human boy named Mutsumi. Kururu ended up getting along with the strange and interesting boy and got himself into a unique symbiotic relationship. With the boy's help, Kururu rejoined the platoon, and since then, the team has been getting into all sorts of shenanigans, as well as narrowly saving Earth from other aliens trying their hand at taking over the planet on top of the attempts the Keronian military have tried in doing the Keroro Platoon's job.

Personality: Kururu's personality can be summed up as insufferable jerk. He prides himself in his bad attitude as he goes out of his way to annoy and frustrate everyone around him. He also relishes in people's suffering, though more so if he caused it. He is the platoon's top technological genius and he uses that to his advantage, purposely creating faulty inventions that Keroro has asked for in the hopes of watching shit hit the fan and everything backfiring on the platoon... Or on him sometimes.

Kururu also does not feel like doing everything he is told. In fact, sometimes he uses the fact that Kururu is technically higher ranked than the rest of the platoon to blow off his responsibilities. He goes at his own pace and does what he finds entertaining or interesting. Oh, but he'll be quick to point out flaws in plans or tease that he could do whatever was needed for whatever Plan of the Day was.

However, despite his general terrible mindset, he does show some signs of loyalty and caring. He will help Mutsumi with whatever he might need for his own things, even saving him from dire situations. He will back up his platoon in times where they need to get their shit together, and he makes sure his fellow platoon members don't get themselves kicked out of Earth. He is the most level-headed member of the team, not flipping out when something goes horribly wrong (unless the scene calls for a comedic panic). Inversely, he is almost never moved to tears or gets emotional during intense emotional situations.
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Kururu - Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog - Reserved - 2/2

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Abilities: First and foremost, Kururu is an outstanding hacker and inventor, crippling the Keronian military's network and easily accessing anything he would need on Earth, even the intranet of the richest and most influential family in Japan. Hacking computers isn't all he's good at either, he has demonstrated some ability to alter time space, essentially having to "hack" the planet to return it to normal after a climatic battle with another platoon that used an invention that effectively froze time on Earth. He also invented every device ever needed, including ray guns that age and de-age anybody hit by it by so many years, a ray gun that turns animals into humans, a satellite that could change the weather at any centralized location, a spoon that can giantize anyone holding it, and even a small core that can create a planet from trash and trace elements. Not to mention all the mechas that rival Gundams. Also of mention is the Reality Pen that he gave to Mutsumi. It allows Mutsumi to bring to life anything that he draws or make tangible any idea that is drawn, like drawing a zipper on a door to get past the door without breaking in or make flying rocking horses. He also has with him a technology embedded in his hat thing called an Anti-Barrier. It’s used to keep aliens invisible from other people as they sneak around to abduct humans. By turning the little swirl mark on his hat, Kururu can make himself invisible to everyone, be completely out in the open, or even limit his visibility to people he knows. This technology can be used on themselves or even on large ships. The weakness to this is that some certain humans who tend to have a strong interest in the paranormal and extraterrestrial can find them. They also have a limited battery life, so recharging is crucial.

Secondly, Kururu is a mean cook, and by that I mean he makes curry like no other. He loves curry so much, he even bathes in it... Kind of... Maybe it's just soaking in it, who knows... Anyway, his love of curry can also be used to bribe him into doing something, even if he calls it trash because he's his own critic when it comes to curry.

Thirdly, it should be mentioned that most Keronians seem to be made out of gag anime rubber, allowing them to have grenades shoved down their mouths or be blasted point-blank or be stabbed repeatedly and come out alright after a few hours of recovery. However, they aren't impervious to attacks and Keronians can be killed.

Also, to help with battling whenever he needs to defend himself and because Tales of Studio game, he will be importing his Keroro RPG attack skills, which is listed here.

One of the major weaknesses of any Keronian is being over hydrated. As frog like aliens, they like being in mildly humid environments. It helps increase their strengths but too much humidity can cause Keronians to essentially become drunk. And when their internal hydration skyrockets, one of their natural enemies, the Nyororo, end up homing in on them and suck them dry. Their other natural enemy are the Vipers, a group of snake like aliens. Vipers and Keronians have been fighting for centuries, it is said. Kururu also has a specific weakness that some people might be familiar with. Kururu can't stand someone pure and excessively nice. A sparkling smile from someone pure of heart can easily cause Kururu pain, thus he fears the only one who has been able to do it.

[Upon finding the throne room, and waiting for the right moment, Kururu planted himself on the throne and pulled out a megaphone, clearly wanting everyone to hear what he was going to say.]

Attention! Attention, da ze~!

Your precious little castle home is now under the direct control of the Keron Armed Forces. Ku ku ku kuuu~ Resistance is futile, as I’ll just turn your attacks and special powers into little sea monkeys~ Accept your place as my slaves and we’ll just have a dandy time, da ze~

Now, the rules going forward are as follows: Number one, all female Pekoponians must dress as a maid. This is not up for discussion. Number two, all male Pekoponians must also dress as maids. This, too, is not up for discussion. Number three, any and all Ridiculously Overpowered jack off demons must surrender to me their equipment, else they face their stats being hacked into negative numbers and having their titles changed to Mid-Boss. Because apparently that is a thing here. Ku ku ku kuuu~ And finally, all food items that are sold or made by prinnies will be curry. And no one better complain because that shit is legit better for you. Raises your max stats ya know. And the Mabo Curry Bread I make heals you better than any healing spell you got. If you got a problem with that, then something is wrong with your brain. And I’ll be more than happy to fix it up, da ze~ Ku ku ku kuuu~

Anything Else? Ku ku ku ku— I mean, nope. Not that I can think of.

Re: Accepted!

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Link - LoZ:Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask - Not Reserved

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Name: Greta
Contact: HarpieSiren at Plurk
Existing Characters: N/A

Name: Link
Species/Job/Class/Title: Hylian, The Hero of Time
Age: 10
Series: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask
Canon Point: After the final boss of Majora’s Mask.
History: OoT And MM at the Zelda Wiki,

Personality: A brave and courageous boy, Link is practically the embodiment of the piece of the Triforce he holds. A born hero and quite adventurous, he's the kind of person who will help anyone in need. He's very humble, and doesn't go out looking for fame or praise; he helps people simply because he wants to.

When it comes to his maturity level, he tends to comes across as something of a contradiction. On the one hand, because he's very mature for a ten year old boy. He’s self-sufficient and knows how to take care of himself. He also knows when it's time to take things seriously and focus on the task at hand.
However, he is still just a child, and still somewhat naïve about the way the world works, despite everything he’s been through, and because of that, concepts that are foreign to him, and that are “adult” will probably fly over his head, leaving him confused and frustrated.

He's playful and friendly, and he knows how to keep a cheerful disposition and stay optimistic in the face of whatever's thrown at him. An optimism that can usually relieve the bouts of melancholy Link sometimes feels due to him being the only one in Hyrule who remembers what happened in the aborted future.

He’s surprisingly intelligent and clever, learning how to use weapons on the fly, solving puzzles and overcoming complicated traps, and coming up with effective plans by the seat of his pants. He also has the tendency to get frustrated when people underestimate him and write him off for being "just a kid".

Abilities: In spite his young age, and the fact that he is completely self-taught, Link is a very accomplished swordsman, one of the best in Hyrule.

Likewise, he is also an excellent marksman, proficient with a variety of ranged weapons, thought his specialty is archery.

He's also a very fast learner, and is capable of teaching himself how to use various weapons on the fly. He’s also very good at figuring out how to solve various puzzles and booby traps.
He’s also very quick and agile, and thanks to his short stature, he's not an easy target to hit while in a fight.

In terms of magic, Link has the spin attack, where he charges his sword with magic energy and when it is fully charged, Link releases the attack and as he spins in place, a wave of magic radiates from the sword to attack enemies that are well outside the reach of Link’s sword. He also has the ability to power his arrows up with fire or ice.

Link also has the Ocarina of Time, an ocarina that can cause various magical effects to happen when a magic song is played on it. However, most of the songs have a specific connection to a person or place in Hyrule or Termina, which will render then ineffective elsewhere. It’s largely just sentimental item now.

Link also has four masks that can transform him into different species, with special abilities.
The Goron Mask turns him into a heavy powerhouse made of rocks that fights with heavy punches and can roll around at fast speeds.
The Zora mask turns him into an agile aquatic humanoid that can swim gracefully through water, use an electrified barrier in the water, and can basically use kung fu.
The Deku mask turns him into a tiny wooden boy that uses flowers to fly and shoots… snot bubbles.
Finally the Fierce Deity Mask turns Link into a divine version of his adult self, giving him a large, two handed sword that fires sword beams. This mask can only be used against the most powerful enemies.

Sample: Ganon was defeated, Hyrule was saved. They had won; all that was left was the celebration. Link stood with the princess as she told Link how she thought all the tragedy that had befallen Hyrule was her fault.

“No, Princess, it wasn’t…” Link started only to be cut off by Zelda, and she tells Link that she has to make up for dragging him into it.

He gives her the Ocarina when she asks for it, even though there’s a part of him that wants to protest, to tell her that he wants to stay here, with her. To stay and help Hyrule recover from the years of war and oppression. But he didn’t protest, if the Princess thought this was the right thing to do, then it was the right thing to do.

“Good bye… Link” He heard, fading away in the distance as a magic light surrounded him and flooded his vision. When the light dissipated, he found himself in the Temple of Time, facing the Master Sword. His breath caught in his throat when he caught sight of his hand, it looked like a child’s hand again. He was back to normal. Or something like normal, at least. He had never quite felt like the adult he was supposed to have been, but at the same time, he didn’t feel like a child anymore, not the child he had been before he had started the quest, anyway.

He breathed a heavy sigh and looked at Navi, “We did it, we saved Hyrule. So now what?” Navi tells Link to do what he thinks is best, and she bids him farewell.

He sneaks past the castle guards like he had done when he first started the quest, and went up to where the princess was standing. “Princess Zelda,” Link called to her, and she turned to face him with a startled look on her face, it was like he was meeting the Princess all over again.

“Princess Zelda, I’m Link, and there’s something I have to tell you.”

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Name: Karma
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Existing Characters: N/A

Name: Tidus
Species/Job/Class/Title: Dream of the Fayth, Guardian
Age: 17
Series: Final Fantasy X/Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
Canon Point: Before reaching Gagazet, and after being given Jecht's light and recalling his memories of Spira.
History: Final Fantasy X, And Dissidia
Personality: In several ways, Tidus has had a life comparatively easier to the inhabitants of Spira, making him more naive and less aware of Spira's problems, and the perspectives of his group. Tagging along on Yuna's pilgrimage, Tidus gradually allows himself to be influenced by the people he travels and becomes close to, concerning himself with a world that isn't initially his, but one he ends up becoming attached to regardless.

Tidus is very emotional and outspoken when he wants to be. His emotions are part of a source of conflict for him, because he's quick to react, but he is not an open book. Labeled a crybaby when he was younger, Tidus still wears many of his emotion out in the open. He has a difficult time hiding his tears, or containing his excitement. If he's insulted, he'll borrow a megaphone and throw it right back, not caring how stupid it makes him look. He's impulsive, willing to jump into the fray and fight something he has no idea about simply because it's "the right thing to do". His intuition about situations and people balances out some of his more reckless decisions. He states himself that his bad feelings often turn out to be true, only to be ambushed by fiends at the Blitzball tournament later. He was one of the first to really get an accurate impression of Seymour, believing he was bad news.

While Tidus can be very vocal about what he thinks, he tends to guard his vulnerabilities and insecurities from everyone except a select few. He views his fellow guardians as close friends, but still keeps a certain distance from them when it comes to his feelings of abandonment he suffered from both parents and the resentment he held toward Jecht, really only opening up to Yuna seeing as he can emphasize with her more than the others. To everyone else, he comes off as simply upbeat, filled with energy, and even volatile when it comes to his temper, and he likes it that way. As much as he can trust others and even see them as family, he prefers to keep the barrier up both to keep others from worrying and to protect himself from getting hurt.

For all of his bravery, Tidus has a habit of trying to deny or run away from his problems, both future and past. He pretends to bounce back from his problems fairly quickly, keeping how he really feels inside and focusing on a goal with all the single-mindedness and determination expected from a professional Blitzball player. Beyond that, he often neglects to plan ahead. Even when he first found out his father was Sin, he decided to stick by Yuna's side with the idea that they both had the same goal in mind. It takes learning the consequences of what Yuna's pilgrimage would entail for her, along with witnessing the death and gore created by Sin, for him to begin taking a more proactive role as a sort of leader of the group. He isn't necessarily adverse to the idea of leading, especially in terms of sports, but he can also be content to let someone else come up with the plans and decisions and play the supportive role of keeping morale up and taking down fiends.

Often, Tidus may appear denser than he really is. While there are times he really is that oblivious (such as when he sniffs Auron after Seymour mentions the "Farplane scent"), many of his seemingly unintelligent comments come from the fact that he was from a world modeled after a city that existed a thousand years into the past only to be thrown a thousand years into what he thought was the future. Real Zanarkand or Dream Zanarkand, it might has well been a different world from the Spira he suddenly finds himself in. He might be overly outspoken at times, and not one for thinking ahead, even admitting that he's bad at waiting and thinking...but he's not a complete idiot.

Tidus remains selfish, but that doesn't mean he's without compassion. He views the events as chapters to his story, making decisions based on how he wants it to go. He despises the very idea of lives being sacrificed, seeing no point in continuing the cycle of death he himself has only seen a fraction of. Even when he becomes increasingly frustrated with the lack of options and information he has on how to keep Yuna from dying later on, he refuses to accept it, constantly challenging his friends' views and decisions for the sake of his own happiness and theirs.

In Dissidia 012, Tidus lacks his memories and is left with the sole motive to defeat Jecht, but he still retains a sense of what he feels is right, suggesting that Yuna be careful about their current surroundings and even taking a hit for her when an ally casts a flare spell her way. Despite all of his resentment he holds toward Jecht, he is reluctant to see other people get hurt in the process, wanting to achieve his goals on his terms or not at all.
Abilities: Tidus is a Blitzball player, and a gifted one at that. He shows extraordinary speed and strength not typically found underwater, and is capable of holding his breath for at least ten minutes, possibly longer. He has learned how to use a longsword, and is quite agile and skilled with the weapon. His strength lies more in his speed than brute force, and the same goes for his Blitzball skills. Tidus is also capable of using Time Magic, and Cheer. The time magic gives him an edge as he can speed himself up or slow others down, and cheer temporarily raises his party's strength and defense.

When Tidus has been fighting in a particularly long battle, or maybe a long series of short, intense battles, he may go into Overdrive mode. His Overdrive is known as Swordplay. When using this his attacks become more aerial and quicker for a short amount of time. He may even be able to use energy against his target(s). However, he can only use this attack once before he goes back into his normal fighting mode and it takes quite a while to reach that point again.

He's also good for morale. He constantly cheers on and supports Yuna, along with other characters.

Tidus may be overpowered by attacks of pure strength. He's also very limited in terms of magic, preferring to use it as support rather than his main weapon. He has a tendency to not think ahead, and his reckless nature sometimes gets him into trouble. His tendency to speak his mind is usually a strength, but there are times when he shoots his mouth off too soon.
Sample: In order to avoid confusion, I'm posting my application with this account. However, I also play him under another account seeing in one of the following threads.

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